Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miller's Birth Story

Hello my name is Miller! I am one week old now so I told my mom she better post my birth story. She has had her hands full this week and kept getting distracted. I wonder why?

Yes I have had my hands full but we are doing great. He is a champion eater. While he does wake up in the night he is sleeping long stretches so I am able to get in a full nights sleep. Below I have his birth story written out. I tried not to be too graphic but, well, it is childbirth so it is a tad unavoidable for some parts. It is also pretty long because I am bad at editing so I am warning you. Sorry!

Tuesday, the 11th (our anniversary) we had an appointment with my OB to discuss possible induction, either the next day or the next week. We did not want to be induced but after our growth scan the previous Friday that said he was already 8lbs12oz, we did not want to risk him getting bigger and me having to have a csection. I always knew it was a possibility because I have a narrow pelvis but I really, really wanted to deliver vaginally. We decided to induce this week but that meant we had to go in that night to start cervadil to get me to dilate more. All anniversary plans went out the window. I cried for hours because I did not have time to prepare.

We went home, packed, took some final belly pics, went to Cheesecake Factory to get take out for our romantic anniversary dinner and head to the hospital. It was weird to check in and not be in active labor. We got in our room, hooked up to the machines at 8:30pm. The cervadil was insterted at 10:00pm. It did not take long before I started having stronger contractions. They started coming on top of each other, which was not the plan. At 1:00am they gave me extra fluids trying to slow the contractions and for a few hours they adjusted that to try to help. Finally at 3:30am they had to remove the cervadil. The contractions slowed enough so I could sleep for an hour and half.

At 6:00am, I got up, took a shower and got ready for the big day. 7:00am the pitocin was started. My mom got to the hospital at 9:30am. My doctor came in at 9:45am and broke my water. At 10:30am, I was finally convinced to have my epidural so I could sleep. I am not sure why I was trying to tough it out a bit longer but I finally got it. That thing was not that bad but between sleep deprivation and hormones, I was a bit whiny when they put it in. The put in my catheter and I was finally able to sleep until 12:45pm. Around that time, my blood pressure dropped to 98/45 so and they gave me something to help that. I was asleep through that ordeal so I only know because Ben and my mom told me.

At 1:20pm, I was 5-6cm dilated. 1:45pm my dad, stepmom and sister got there. 2:15pm I got an amnio infusion and an oxygen mask because my contractions were still coming too close together and his heart rate was dropping and they were hoping it would give him a rest. I was 8cm dilated. At 3:30pm they flipped me over to the other side, which they did a few times. I was still nervous about getting a csection but the tech came in and was getting the room setup for delivery, which made me hopeful. 4:00pm I was 10cm and +1 station. We were just waiting for a little more progress. 4:15 they inserted a fetal scalp electrode into his scalp to track his heart rate because he kept running away from the one on my belly and an IUPC to track my contractions, and gave me terbutaline to slow contractions. They took my temperature and it was 100.5. I was probably fine but they just wanted to keep an eye on it.

Around 5:00pm, my doctor came in and said I only had a little bit of cervix left and he was close to dropping so they had me sit up to try to have gravity help. The stupid oxygen mask was getting on my nerves. The pressure when I would have a contractions was starting to become really painful. My doctor decided to let me push for 45 minutes and then we would reassess. 5:30pm I started to push with my nurse. Mom was on my left holding that leg and Ben was on the right. My stepmom Bobbie and sister Lindsey were in the room. I asked my mom at what point did they know I could deliver him and she said within a few minutes, you could tell that his head was down there, already through the pelvis. It was molded since it had been sitting down there for so long. My doctor came in after 10 minutes to finish me pushing. My epidural was not able to contain my pain anymore. I could not feel the actual contractions but I felt everything else. After a while, I got the hang of it and could actually feel him starting to move. I was admittedly quite whiney, and kept saying I could not do it but my cheerleaders would not let me give up. Soon, a lot of people started coming in the room and in the back of my mind it made me worried but my doctor just said that it meant he was almost here. After 40 minutes of pushing, I felt his head pop out (with lots of amniotic fluid) and with a half a push the rest of him came out. He started screaming his little lungs out. Ben cut the cord and they gave him to me. He was really cheesy and grey but so healthy.

They took him to be checked out, with lots of people hovering over him. Ben asked them why there were so many people and they told him it was just because of my possible fever, which did turn out to be a fluke. He weighed 8lbs2oz, was 21.5” long with a 15” head. Everyone was amazed that I was able to push that head out especially after only 40 minutes of pushing. My doctor sewed me up as Miller was being checked out. Since my epidural had worn off, I felt every stitch. I tried to be strong but I was definitely whining and moaning. She finally finished and I got to hold my baby. Thank goodness my sister was there taking pictures the whole time. We got some amazing shots (which I will post soon).

If you made it through that, thanks so much! I will start posting weekly pics and updates of the munchkin soon. There is one below. I also plan to post pictures from when he was born, his first week, and our maternity pics (finally!) in the next week or so.


  1. An amazing story, Whit! Thanks again so much for letting me and Heather come visit you so soon after you delivered. It was really special!

  2. Wow. Amazing Whitney - He is an adorable little peanut! Thanks for sharing your story!