Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Update: 39 weeks

At this point I never know when this will be my last weekly pregnancy post. This might be it, or I could still have another week or two. Anyways, I decided to post a few extra fun things, just in case this is the last one. First off is the comparison pic of the view from the top, 19 weeks apart. You could not really tell a difference week to week but there has definitely been a change.

How far along:
39 weeks (and still very pregnant)

Total weight gain/loss: 37 lbs

Maternity clothes: I think this one is obvious at this point

Stretch marks: Same as above, nothing has changed

Sleep: Ben and I thought we would enjoy what might be our last weekend to ourselves to sleep in as late as possible and both days we woke up earlier than we normally do. Weird! Sleeping fine in general though especially not that it is colder.

Best moment this week: It has been pretty good to get my to-do list done and know that there is nothing left hanging over our heads when he comes.

Movement: He can still be super active sometimes but now it is just painful and uncomfortable. I normally sit with one or both of my legs curled up, but now when I do it, he protests and just decides to hurt me.

Food cravings: Nothing specific

Food aversions: Anything that makes my heartburn worse

Gender: As far as I know, still a boy

Labor Signs: Still dilated 1.5cm at my appointment last Wednesday and nothing new. No contractions that I know of.

Belly Button in or out? Still the same. Ben says it looks like I have 3 belly buttons with my stretched out scar.

What I miss: I feel like I am back to the way it was when we were trying to get pregnant, analyzing every little symptom and twinge meaning I might possibly be. This time I am worry that each little thing might be a contraction or another labor sign. It always turns out to be something else. Part of me is worried I will not know when I am in labor.

What I am looking forward to: I am really looking forward to seeing my family when they come to visit us after Pumpkin is born and everyone finally getting to meet him (although I am still a little weary about having to share him).

Weekly Wisdom: Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy being lazy and sleeping right now, but I am bored. I have done everything on my to-do list and am not good with nothing to do. This would be better if Ben was home with me but he is busy at work.

Milestones: We made it to October. Yay!!! I am so excited to know that we will have an October baby.

Measurements: Chest- -.5”, Waist- same, Hips- -.5”, Circumference- -1”

Now to some fun stuff.

When my super friend Heather had her little girl Isla back in January, I had gone with her to get her nails done the day before. It was my turn, so Heather and I went and got pedicures yesterday. Good thing because I can not reach my feet and they needed an updated fall color. In fact, I had to have Ben take off my nail polish for me the night before. I am pretty sure you can tell which feet are mine by the bump that is in the way.

Below I have a progress picture of my belly over the pregnancy. This is just a preview of another project we have had in the works this whole time. Ben always said he wanted to take a picture of me everyday and make a video of my belly growing. Since there were so many things I wanted to do this pregnancy, I gave this one to Ben. I thought it would be a pain to keep up with, and it has been but we never missed a day, 214 pictures, so far!!! I hope to get it all compiled and posted soon after the baby is born.

I have been quite lucky to have an active baby this pregnancy. He was always there wiggling around to assure me that he was happy and healthy. Admittedly, sometimes too active and lately quite painful but I still appreciate it. Every night for most of the pregnancy I put Ben's headphones on my belly and let Pumpkin listen to some music. He loves this and is such a dancer (just like his daddy). Here is just a snippet of him moving around the other night. (Of course the night I decide to film him was the night he decided to be mostly lazy).

Hope you enjoyed the extras this week! Not sure what posts to expect next week. Maybe just another weekly post or maybe a birth story and pics of our little guy.

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  1. I don't normally paint my own toenails, but as soon as that baby was out and I got home, that was the first thing I did. It's the little things. But I'm sooo excited for you guys, lil boys are the best! and youre super cute preggers!