Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly Update: 40 weeks

Surprise!!! I am still here. We have determined that Pumpkin is either stubborn, or just a snuggler. Either way, he is definitely like his daddy.

As for an update (besides what is below), at my appointment on Thursday, my doctor noticed that when I was laying down, nothing really shifts or falls backward, and that my belly is all baby and probably a big one at that. She had us go to a growth scan on Friday where they estimated that he is a big baby, but not ginormous (yet!). We are now waiting to talk to the doctor tomorrow to discuss our options for inducing or waiting it out an extra week. This is not really a decision I wanted to make so please pray that Pumpkin decides to come on his own in the next couple of days, or that we can at least make the right decision.

How far along:
40 weeks (I know this is the goal to reach but I never thought I would get this far)

Total weight gain/loss: 39 lbs (I am between 35- 40lbs gained depending on the day)

Maternity clothes: Ben and I went to Target and I saw so many cute things for fall but I cannot buy anything because who knows what this body will end up looking like afterwards.

Stretch marks: No change here

Sleep: Everyone finds it odd that I sleep well. Yes I have to wake up to go to the bathroom a couple of times, and to roll over, but I have never been one to have a hard time going back to sleep when I get woken up. Hoping that bodes well with our upcoming life with a baby.

Best moment this week: We had a growth scan on Friday and even though we know he is okay, it was still good to see that he really is perfectly fine in there……just on the “fluffy” side.

Movement: My child will be active until the end. The other night I noticed that I had not felt him for an hour or so, I am sure because I was not paying attention. I rubbed my hand over my belly, very lightly, and apparently it must have tickled his foot and he jumped. So cute!

Food cravings: Lately I just want dessert but I think that is just me wanting to placate my frustrations

Food aversions: Nothing specific

Gender: Little guy

Labor Signs: STILL dilated 1.5cm at my appointment last Thursday. My doctor thinks he is still sitting high so it is not making me dilate more. Ben and I decided to start walking more to help things along. I think I might actually be getting a few random contractions but that is about it. Oh, and I injured myself with all this walking so it might no longer be an option.

Belly Button in or out? I knew it would never pop and it is still nowhere close.

What I miss: I am missing being able to plan things. I am a planner and I know that things will be hectic after Pumpkin gets here but at least I could make some plans if he was here and I knew how we were both feeling. Right now, I have no idea when we will be out of commission.

What I am looking forward to: Having this baby! I am still incredibly nervous about some things but this anticipation is killing me. I keep seeing pictures of other people and their babies and I want mine now.

Weekly Wisdom: I am having to think about how we want to proceed, induction or waiting it out a little bit longer. I keep having to remind myself that my body knows what to do and I should not do anything out of convenience. As long as we are healthy, that is what matters.

Milestones: I think my due date is about as big of a milestone as we can get here.

Measurements: Chest- +.5”, Waist- -.5”, Hips- +.5”, Circumference- same

Tomorrow is our anniversary so I will be posting something and praying that the baby does not actually show up tomorrow but that things start rolling on their own.

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