Monday, January 9, 2012

Other Holiday Fun

The week between Christmas and New Years was busy seeing family and doing some things around town. We were exhausted!

The day after Christmas is my moms birthday and this year it was her 50th. She swore that she did not want to do anything but we had to do something. So we went out to eat with all of our in town family and we surprised her by having some of her friends there. Here she is showing everyone how much Miller loves the dancing jello on her phone.

I guess his secret identity is out. Yes, our baby is Batman. (This was actually one of the first things I bought him and it got me excited about having a boy).

We went to a get together at my aunt and uncles house out in Oak Ridge. I got to see a bunch of my family and introduce Miller to them. Here are my Mammaw and Pappaw with most of their grandchildren (6 of 9) , grandchildren-in-law (4 of 6) and great grandchildren (6 of 11) .

I started playing with my camera more. I am not sure Miller recognizes me if I am not behind it lately.

One of the thousand times I kiss him a day.

My dad and Bobbie had tickets to the UT basketball game one night and they had just gotten back in town from visiting my new little nephew Silas. They asked to watch Miller and sent us to the game. We took my uncle Bob and Ally.

On the 30th we went to my grandparents house to have a little get together with the Kentucky Millers who were in town for the day. We had just gotten there and getting ready to eat, when the power went out. Miller got scared so everyone pulled out their cellphones, lit candles and I got his light up seahorse to comfort him. It was out for a good 45 minutes before it came back on, and then 15 minutes later went out again for another 10 minutes. It was a very romantic family dinner.

Miller and Ben asleep one morning. So cute!

The morning of New Years Eve, my daddy and Bobbie took Miller out to Oak Ridge to see my grandparents. That is the first time that someone has taken my child somewhere without me. I have to admit, I was a bit freaked out. Then for lunch, we met up with an old friend of ours, Becky, so she could meet Miller. It was so good to catch up with her!

I know I am slow getting these holiday posts out but we have been trying to get resettled here at home. I promise I will have the New Years post in a few days.

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