Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still here

I promise I am still around. Miller and I have been in Knoxville for the past week and I keep forgetting to post pictures. Before that, I took Miller's 4 month pictures and I spent a while editing them. I am still learning so much between the actual taking of pictures and editing them. Here are some from this week in Knoxville so far.

Miller is his fathers child.

First time in the highchair. He did pretty good for most of the time.

This is a hat he got from his cousin James for Christmas next year.

Doing his chin ups. Got to keep up that baby physique.

He loves eating his fingers.

Hiking on the rocks at the park. He even has his trusty walking sticks (get it...trusty).

Giving his Ninny kisses.

Tummy time (a rare occurrence).

I promise I will have his 4 month pictures up as soon as I get them watermarked.

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  1. trusty walking stick... you're too funny! Such cute pictures! Hope you're enJoying TN!