Monday, June 18, 2012

Miller: Month Eight



We have been a traveling family. When we started out on all of these trips, Miller was so cranky when he was getting adjusted. After being in 4 different places in a month, he would get adjusted so well and warm up to people so much faster. In the four plane rides he had, people always told us how impressed they were with his behavior on the plane. He grew into quite the big boy this month.

Weight: 20lbs 10oz (+ 12lbs 8oz)

 Height: 29" (+ 7.5")

Head: 19" (+ 4")

Sleep: It is hard to talk about consistency in his sleep when he has been all over the place in the past month. In Oklahoma, he would not sleep in the crib and had to sleep with me. In Knoxville he would only make it about 4 hours in the pack and play before he would sleep with me. In Memphis, he was horrible and a few nights we were up rocking him just so he would not be screaming (we think it was teething). In Houston, it seems like he finally got the hang of sleeping while traveling and would sleep in the pack and play for all his naps and most of the night. He has been more consistent when we are home so we are going to start working on soothing him when he wakes in the middle of the night so he can start sleeping the full night in his own bed.

Eating: Honestly, I am still getting the hang of how to feed a baby that is still nursing but working on solids. In Houston, he was eating so much more solids and seemed so much happier. Now that we are home a bit more, I am going to be better about feeding him more and a variety of solids during the day.

Best Moment:I love these spurts where he crawls all over the house and plays by himself. One night. Ben was on the floor and I was on the couch and we both pretended to ignore him. He crawled back and forth between the foyer and living room, talking to himself and laughing for about 45 minutes.

Milestones: This kid is full on crawling and pulls up to everything. Where did my baby go?!?!

Monthly Wisdom: I honestly have no one thing for this. This kid teaches me so much all the time. Continually, I am learning more and more about cherishing everything the way they are now and not wanting to rush time forward.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Feeding Miller more solids on a regular daily basis.
- Having a routine when we are home (now that we are for a stretch).
- Trying to get Miller to sleep all night in his crib

Things Miller is doing:
- Waves at people about 60% of the time when we try to get him to.
- Bounces up and down dancing when music plays.
- Drinks really well from a straw, whether it is a sippy cup or my cup.
- Feeds himself most of the food you give him in his high chair

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