Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Trip #2- Knoxville

The Friday after we got back from Oklahoma, we left for Knoxville so there was not a lot of time to do anything.

Miller found a new food that he loves, quinoa. It is about the messiest thing! With purees, you can wipe them off. This is a teeny, tiny seed that gets everywhere. Here is my messy face after he had some quinoa and prunes.

In the few days we were home, of course Miller picked up a new skill. He crawled over to where I was sitting on the sofa and dropped his paci through the slats. "Hmmm, how do I get that?"

"Forget that. This is more fun. Okay, so I grab here"


"And pull. Yay! A new chew toy."

"I can almost reach it"

*If you want to know why his shirt is around his neck in the above picture, well, he always laughs when we are taking off his clothes and stop when we pull his shirt/onesie over his head and leave it on. In fact, he almost always looks at you and laughs when you put something on his head. I was changing him and just left it because he was having fun and it ended up coming down.

Saturday we did a little running around and then dropped Miller off with my parents. They watched him while we got ready and then went to my friend Amanda's wedding. I have no pictures from this portion of our trip. Lets just say, I drank a little too much (ahem, okay a lot too much), and acted stupidly that night. It was fun though and this mommy feels like she deserved that fun.

The next day we hung out with my parents, then we all took a 2 hour family nap. That evening my grandparents watched Miller while we went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant for a belated Mother's Day treat. No pictures here either.

Monday, Ben worked from Knoxville but Miller would not let me do much so we just hung out around my moms house. That evening we went to my cousin Mitchell's graduation.

Ben took Miller out because all he wanted to do was talk and he ended up falling asleep.

Mitchell with his mom, dad and little sister Madison. 

We left graduation and headed out to go eat with everyone. Well the stupid police officer who was supposed to be alleviating the traffic caused by us leaving Mitchell's graduation and the people coming in for the next one, was not very good at his job. We sat perfectly still for 30 minutes before we got out. Miller was good for a bit and then lost his patience so I got him out and played while we waited. This is my normal view when I look into the back seat lately. I love seeing him smiling back at me.

Most of the crew at dinner. 

Mitchell and Miller. People always screw up and call Miller Mitchell because they sound similar and that is also his (Mitchell's) last name. 

I am sorry this is blurry but this is the face I wake up to every morning. We just sat in bed for a few minutes and played and cuddled before waking up Ben, who was on the couch. 

Tuesday, we got up and got ready and then left for Memphis. At a 5.5 hour drive, that would be Miller's longest car trip up until that point.

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