Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rant: Post Baby Body

Deep breaths.....

Okay, I want to post this but I was so scared to put this on the internet. I feel like I need to because it is something I have been struggling with a lot lately.

I loved being pregnant but was so scared of what it would do to my body. I have struggled with my weight for a long time and had just recently got it under control when I got pregnant. As I watched the scale go up with each appointment, I cursed it because I knew I would have to deal with it afterward. I actually only gained 38 lbs which is still within the range of a healthy pregnancy and I swear that I was not overeating. During my first trimester I only gained a few pounds, in my second it came piling on and in my third I stopped gaining, all of that without changing my eating habits.

After Miller was born, I  quickly dropped 20lbs but the last 18lbs, would not go away. I can not diet since I am breastfeeding and do not want it to affect my supply. I try to work out but with wrangling the baby most of  the day, my only workout I get is a nice walk in some days. I actually stopped weighing myself back in January so I have no idea where I am at. I am hoping that once Miller weans, which I have no idea when we will do that, I can lose the rest of the weight.

.....deep brave.....

Here is me 1 week postpartum with Miller and then 6 months postpartum. I feel like Miller is faring better than I am. 

This is me at 7 weeks pregnant (my skinniest pregnancy picture) and then 6 months postpartum. I actually did a layover of the pictures and there is not much difference, which I think is my big problem. I feel like the pounds I can justify to a little excess in my belly and chest but in general everything is different and those changes make a world of difference in my clothes.

Here is the big comparison shot. 7 weeks pregnant, last belly shot at 40weeks1 day, 1 week postpartum and 6 months postpartum. 

I am not sure why I am posting this but I think it is interesting to see the difference. I know I should love my body for what it did, creating and carrying a healthy baby and now nourishing him still, but I am having a hard time. I feel like I do not belong in my skin and this is the first time I feel like I can not do anything about it. I am not sure how long Miller will be nursing but I would really like to try to lose this weight as soon as he is done. I do not want to be one of those people where weight keeps compounding on top of each other with each pregnancy. I struggled long enough with my weight that I want to keep it under control.

*Update*- I actually wrote this post back in early May but kept delaying hitting the Publish button. Recently, we took Miller to the pool so I had to try on my bathing suits, and they did not look horrible. While I was digging those out, I came across my skinny jeans. Now I have tried those darn things on twice already since having Miller and they were tight. I pretty much stared them down and decided to try them on and see how I was doing. They fit! They were snug but they actually fit.

I had a crazy moment and decided to bite the bullet and weigh myself. My plan was to not weigh myself until Miller was weaning so I could start dieting. I actually feared that I would step on the scale and weigh more than the 18 lbs post pregnancy that I had hanging around. I was shocked to see that I was actually down 9 lbs from that, which means only 9 lbs from my goal weight. Nothing has changed except maybe being a little more active chasing around a crawling baby. I am still not planning on dieting until later on but this was so encouraging to see.


  1. That's great Whit! Don't forget some of the left over lbs are your new milk filledboobies, so not too much ore to go! You look awesome momma!!

  2. I came across your post on a search through google, on one of those days postpartum... Today I think I could have written the exact same post. I am glad I am not the only one who feels like this! I keep finding these girls who were wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes at 6 weeks, which I have already past and am still 16 pounds to go :(

    1. I was just googling the same and feel like I could have written this myself! I have 13 lbs that have been hanging around for the past several months and I'm now 8 months postpartum. I just want my pants back! :(

  3. I know that this is an old post, came across it looking for pics of post partum bellies...I am nine months pregnant and trying to brace myself. I just wanted to say that you look fabulous. in the last pic you posted you also have a significantly larger chest, I am sure that was were a couple of those pounds came from. You look great, healthy, and happy!