Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding #3- Memphis Part 2

Saturday, we got up a hung around Ben's parents house for a bit while we showered and gathered things up. Mid-day we went and picked up Ben's jacket for his tux and then drove to Dave and Liz's house. The boys left right away and Liz and I hung out. We eventually got ready and headed to the wedding. Miller slept through the wedding and woke up while we were waiting on Ben to finish up with pictures.

The reception was a bit a ways but it was at a very pretty country club overlooking a golf course. 

 Miller with his grandmommy. That is not his coke, or wine.

Miller and mommy.

We managed to get an alright family picture.

However, I think the outtake is pretty funny. 

Miller and his aunt Lizzy. 

Trying to entertain him so he would be quiet during the dances and announcements.

Love that face!

We eventually changed him into a onesie because it was really hot. This was at the end of the night and we were all exhausted.

The next morning we went to brunch at Brother Juniper's with Ben's parents, Liz and Dave. It was really good.

After brunch, we went over to see Ben's grandmother. She has been really sick for a while and we were so glad we could take Miller over to meet her.

4 generations 


Miller played for a bit while daddy visited.

It was heartbreaking to watch Ben just sit with his grandmother. 

Ben's parents have hardwood and tile through out their house so Miller played in the hallway a lot on the rare bits of carpet. At one point, Ben was in the office (the room behind Miller) playing with his dad's computer and I was in the bedroom (the one of the left there). Ben skyped me and Miller was so confused that he could see me on the computer in one room and sitting on the bed in another and vice versa with Ben.

Sunday night we went to a hole in the wall with Dave and Liz. They had Shrimp Creole, Ben had a burger and I had tamales and it was all really good. 

We got up to leave on Monday morning and Ben's mom fixed breakfast. Liz come over to visit while we were packing up. She was talking about how her and Dave were going to go pick up some ducks that day. For months, Dave has talked about getting chickens and ducks and he knew I was so excited to come and play with them. Of course, he picked the day we were leaving to go get the ducks. Conveniently, the farm they were going to was kind of on our way out of town so we went with them. We saw all sorts of animals but here are the two ducks they got. We also got some ducks eggs to take home.

Driving through Nashville, we managed to coordinate with my friend Elizabeth to meetup for dinner. It has been forever since we had seen her and I was so glad she got to meet Miller. We saw her twice last year while I was pregnant but the last 7-8 months have been kind of hectic for us all. It was short but a good visit.

We got home sort of late but Miller was very good for the whole trip. I was hoping he would sleep most of the time but even though he did not, he still a good boy. We had 10 days at home before we left for our last trip for a bit.

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