Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding #3- Memphis Part 1

Tuesday afternoon we got into Memphis. Miller did really well with the drive. He slept a good portion of both legs, with us stopping in Nashville for lunch. As soon as we got to Ben's parents house, and unpacked, we got right back in the car. First we went and picked up Scruggs, the groom, at his moms house and visited for a few minutes. Then the 4 of us drove to Ben's sister's new house. Liz and her husband have lived in Virginia since we met and they just moved back to Memphis last fall. We were so excited that we got to hang out with them as well as Ben's parents.

We went out to eat that night with them and Scruggs' mom, Judith and his fiancee, Lisa.

The next day, Ben had to work from his parents house, so his dad and I hung out with Miller. Miller is normally so impatient when someone reads to him but sat there for a bit while his grandaddy read to him. 

That night we went to eat dinner at my favorite burger place with Ben's parents. Then we went downtown to meet some friends. They were eating dinner a bit late so we were just going to  hang out for as long as Miller could last (which was about 15 minutes). We took some pictures while we were down there though.

I love this one because he is talking and his face is hilarious. 

We were dealing with a cranky, teething baby the whole time we were in Memphis. He was running a fever every night. We were just trying to cool him down so Ben went to get something from the freezer. He found this mask and we laughed our butts off watching Miller trying to figure it out. 

Thursday was the bachelor and bachelorette party. Ben left for the bachelor party around 11AM so I hung out with Ben's parents and Miller. Around 5, I left to go meet Liz at her house. Here we are before we left.

I was nervous about leaving Miller since he was teething, and I was not sure how adjusted he was to Ben's parents at that point. After a couple of hours, they started calling saying he was crying. He went through some lulls but ultimately we decided to leave around 10, after dinner, because he was screaming incessantly. When we walked in, he screamed until I held him, then looked at me and smiled then smiled at Ben's mom. He just wanted mommy. It is nice to feel loved but so not a relaxing, fun evening like I was hoping.

Friday afternoon, we joined Dave and Liz downtown. We went to Mud Island where they have a scaled replica of the Mississippi River. It was so much fun to walk around and put our feet in. Miller loved it!

Dave and Liz with the Mississippi.

After that, we went to Rendezvous for some BBQ for lunch. 

"Uncle Dave, let me show you how to do it". (He really did figure out how to do something Dave did not know his phone could do).

We rushed back to Dave and Liz's house, where the boys changed clothes and immediately left for the rehearsal since they were both groomsmen. We took our time getting ready and met them at the church.

Miller had not napped all day but fell asleep on our way to the rehearsal, which he slept through. He continued to sleep through part of the rehearsal dinner as well. 

Yes we were all matching in green. Someone asked Ben if Miller was his kid and one of the other groomsmen said, "Duh! They are all color coded in green and khaki". 

It was a great dinner. Ben gave a speech and Miller helped. He also decided he wanted to speak while Scruggs did but we quieted him down. Here he is giving the bride and groom a dose of birth control before the big day.

To be continued with the wedding and last day in Memphis..........

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