Sunday, July 22, 2012

Miller: Month Nine

Miller had his 9 month appointment. His growth rate has slowed down a lot and of course this mommy was alarmed but the doctor, and everyone else, assures me that he is perfect. 

Weight: 20lbs 8oz (+ 12lbs 6oz)- 50th percentile

Height: 28.5" (+ 7")- 50th percentile

Head: 19.25" (+ 4.25")- still off the charts.

Sleep: Well.....I hate that this is always an issue of some sort with us. We were in Knoxville for two weeks and Miller was up every couple of hours. The past few days that we have been home, he has only been up once after a long stretch of sleep. We will see how he continues to do this week but this weekend we are working on sleep training him. First step is to sleep in his bed all night but next will be to sleep through the night. Naps are pretty decent when we are home at least.

Eating: When we were in Knoxville, he had a nursing strike that drove me to the brink of insanity. He got over it and I figured out the problems. 1) He probably does not need to nurse as much as I was feeding him so now he is down a feeding or two over the day. 2) It is a normal phase that a lot of kids go through. They are so excited about solid foods that nursing seems boring. Like I said, we are better now.

Best Moment: This kid is turning into a little ham. He does these things and then looks at us to make sure we are laughing. We were out to dinner the other night and he kept doing this intense face/ flexing his muscles and watching us laugh. 

Milestones: He stands on his own, has 4 teeth now, claps, gives fives and can take a step by himself.

Monthly Wisdom: I have been having a rough patch and it occurred to me, the honeymoon phase is over. The first few months of parenthood are great and you can get through the rough patches because you tell yourself it has to be better in the future. Here we are 9 months and still struggling with the same things. I love Miller but this is super hard and we are just here in the nitty gritty of things. I am starting to realize what I need to do to make myself happier, to survive and in turn, my family will be happier.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Trying to get Miller to sleep all night in his crib
- Hopefully, trying to get Miller to sleep through the night.

Things Miller is doing:
- Feeds himself so well.
- Dances when music is played or you tell him to.
- Bounces when you say "bouncy bouncy".
- Gives kisses and blows kisses.
- Claps when you say "patty cake".
- Has super good balance. He can stand by himself all the time.
- Can take one step just not consecutive steps.
- Gives high fives.
- Blows raspberries by himself. Sometimes while nursing which is hilarious.

I know that this pic is not my normal format but look at it. While I was taking his picture, he found this wrapper in my moms room. I tried to take it away to take his pictures and this is what happened. As you can tell from the above picture, he won this battle.

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