Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding #4- Houston Part 1

Well we got back from our trips but now we are in Knoxville. Houston was great, just so busy. The first two days were spent working on the wedding but once that was over we just had fun and relaxed.

I know we mentioned how much he loves the pool. Well lucky for us, my aunt and uncle have one. He had to get in the first day, almost as soon as we got there. Mom had him leaning over the side and got his whole outfit soaked. I went upstairs, changed his diaper and brought him back down just to have mom plunk in down in the pool. I love these faces!

I have skipped over the wedding and will do another post about that. The day after the wedding, we went to visit a friend of my aunt's who has monkeys. They were so much fun. Here Sascha, gets a drink of water from a bottle. It drinks from a bottle and wears a cloth it is fitting that we call Miller a monkey. 

At this point, he liked the monkey. 

He started to lose interest. The monkey decided to groom me by tugging at my eyelashes and Miller was more interested in the leash. 

So these monkeys and some birds were in a furniture store. I think it is crazy that this picture looks like it is at the zoo and there were some recliners in between me and this bird. 

My aunt and uncle have a lake in their neighborhood so we took Miller for a walk. It took some bribing of the ducks (strategically placed bread crumbs) but they did get close to Miller. 

Monday we just hung around the house. Miller got in the pool with his Ninny. 

My mom was splashing Miller but he still would not look up. 

Cute little pruney feet. 

Tuesday morning we got up super early and caught a 7:50am flight back. It was a great trip and we had so much fun visiting family. I love that Miller has got to meet so much of our big family already. He just met the last member, his godfather Nolan, last night. I love that!

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