Monday, July 23, 2012

Miller's First 4th of July

We are closing in on the last of Miller's first holidays. Now why does that make me sniffly?

The Fourth was kind of a weird holiday for us. We did not have one big day but a few things spread out over 3 days.

On Sunday we went over to my grandparents house for a cookout with some of our Miller family and even Ben's parents who were driving through town. Here are the ladies chatting in the dining room. 

Miller finally got to meet his godfather Nolan, who was in from North Dakota. 

This is just a funny picture of Miller after he took a bite from Ben's doughnut. 

Tuesday we had a another get together at my grandparents house with other family that was in town. On the actual Fourth, we got up and went to visit my mom at work. Then we headed to my parents house where we hopped in their car and drove up to their cabin in the mountains. It was our first time going there and it was really nice.

I love this because Miller spotted me taking pics. 

Here is the view from the front porch. It is so much prettier in person. 

The front of the house. 

We hung out at the cabin for a bit and then we went down to town where we ate lunch at Tellico Grains. So yummy!


Miller and his Poppy. See the matching chins.

We came back to Knoxville, got in our car and drove downtown to drop Ben off at the bus station. Miller has become such a daddy's boy and cried when Ben got out of the car. It broke my heart.

We went back to my parents and had a little cookout. Miller loved eating the corn on the cob in his swing. 

Then Bobbie gave him some watermelon and it was all over. They kid loved it! He would gnaw it down to the rind and we would try to move him to the flesh and he would get so mad. He had juices running everywhere. My dad had it in his ear and belly button. They both had to shower off afterwards.

When we left their house, I saw some fireworks on the drive back to moms but Miller never saw them. I guess we will wait until Labor Day to show him some fireworks.

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