Monday, July 30, 2012

Through the Big South Fork

Yes, I know we are almost a month late on this. Sorry!

After the Fourth, things were a little quiet. On Friday, it was my Pappaw's birthday so Miller, Dad and I went out to lunch with him and Mammaw. Miller made a mess eating but entertained everyone.

Saturday, we had lunch with Nolan before he left to go back to ND and then Miller went to Tine's house for a bit so I could get ready. It did not last long because I got a call he was being whiney and would not do anything. Thank goodness only they live a half a mile away. 

Sunday, we packed up and went driving up to Big South Fork with mom and her friend Richard. We saw some awesome stuff on these back roads.

We stopped in the town of Rugby. I had never heard of this awesome place. It is an Victorian English commune that is in the Cumberland Mountains. Such a neat place.


Some of the buildings.

The equipment in the Print Shop. 

The church. I did not go into the actual yard so this is obviously from behind the fence.

This house reminded me of the one from "Little Women" which I always wanted. 

After Rugby, we made our way to the Alvin C York hometown and went to the grist mill. I took Miller's 9 month picture here. 

We went inside and looked around. It was more just to get some relief from the 100 degree plus heat.

It was really pretty with the stone dam. 

Miller was so hot after taking his pictures so mom just plunked him down in the water. She could not wait for me to put his swimsuit on. 

We got back in the car and Miller napped while we drove. We went through the Big South Fork State Park. We really only got out once to go to this overlook.


It was a fun day...long, but fun. We were so hot and I am pretty sure I was dehydrated after everything. We treated ourselves to some ice cream for dinner that evening. 

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