Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beach Trip '13- Final Night

See we were vacationing with other people, they just kept alluding my camera. 

Miller's signature posing move is catching on. 

Look at that little farmers tan. How darn cute is that?!?!

Mom bought some glow bracelets and pieces so we took them out the beach our last night. See how far the boy came in a week. Just 5 days before, we could not get him to put his feet in the sand or water and at this point we could not keep him out of it.

Silly girls!

He got a little too brave and would jump in the deep end by himself. 

Finishing Ninny's drink.

One of my favorite things was to look at the moonlight in the ocean. Such a pretty reflection!. 

Overall, it was a great trip. I was nervous about handling Miller and sleeping in the same room with him but besides the first night where he slept with us, it was fine. I really enjoyed our first family vacation and can not wait to have more in the future.

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