Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gender Reveal: It's a..........



I have a confession- we actually found out what the baby was two weeks ago when we were in Tennessee. One of the doctors that my mom works with generously offered to do an ultrasound and look to see what our little bug is. We have been convinced that the baby was a girl since we got pregnant and the ultrasound was just confirmation. Although, for the past  two weeks I kept getting afraid that it was too good to be true. I was obsessively looking up ultrasound pictures on-line trying to convince myself for sure that we were blessed with a little girl, giving us one of each. As soon as I would start looking on-line, I realized how unmistakably those were girl parts.

Here is Miller's ultrasound to compare. (Yes, I am showing off my kids private bits but at least it is only on a blurry ultrasound).

At our official anatomy scan this week, the tech asked us what we thought but neither of us wanted to admit our unofficial ultrasound. The tech looked and looked but little lady had her legs crossed. Ben said, "Good, and they better stay that way". I finally fessed up to our other ultrasound and showed her the picture from that and she said that was definitely a girl. She was finally able to get her spread eagle but did not see anything and when she went from a different angle, she saw her girl bits.

We are beyond thrilled that Miller is getting a little sister. I have always dreamed of having a daughter and I am so excited for the way things worked out. I was thrown for a loop when they told me Miller was a boy because I had no idea what to do with a boy. Well that little man has taught me so much about love and I could not imagine life with out that funny guy. I am ecstatic that I had him first so he can be a protective big brother to our little girl. I feel like this is the family I always wanted and here it is. I am enjoying being pregnant and do not want to rush it, but tears well up in my eyes when I think about holding both of my babies in my arms at the end of this year. That is the best Christmas/birthday present I could ever think of. (Although, second best would be both kids sleeping through the night from Day 1 but we will get there eventually). 

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