Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Update: 17 and 18 weeks

So I slacked off last week (I am sure no one really missed it though). The day that I turned 17 weeks was the Fourth of July and it was a pretty busy day. We were in TN and visiting with family. I did not even end up filling in my questionnaire until 3 days later.

How far along: 17 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I still have not budged. Down 2 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: The flat spot is still there, ugh! Some days I feel like I am so big and obviously pregnant and then others I feel like I am barely showing at all. 
Stretch marks: Same old, same old.
Sleep: I have been so tired lately. Both of the kids are wearing me out. Thankfully Miller sleeps in as long as we do not have to get up and be anywhere.      
Best moment this week: We got to do an ultrasound and see the baby kicking while I could feel it.
Movement: There is lots of wiggling going on in there. The baby had a lazy day on Tuesday and had me all worried but made up for it on Wednesday.
Food cravings: Every few days, I get a craving for Christmas cookies. I think it is because the baby is due around then and I keep thinking to that time of year. Thank goodness I have some frozen sugar cookie dough and buttercream frosting.
Food aversions:  We had a shrimp boil and after the first night of it, it is not that it tasted bad to me, it just did not taste appealing to me anymore. Normally I would pawn off the food on Ben but I can not do that with shrimp.
Gender:  We are pretty confident in our guess but are waiting to say anything until our anatomy scan on 7/16.
Labor Signs: Seeing this question on here even makes me nervous. We have a long way before I even want to think about this.  
Belly Button in or out? It will be stuck in the whole time like it was with Miller.
What I miss: I miss not feeling so sore and tired all of the time. I am just always hobbling around and never feel like I am all there. Lately I have been having headaches, which makes me just foggy and sleepy.
What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to the official anatomy scan and telling everyone what our little bug is.
Weekly Wisdom: I cannot think of anything for the life of me.
Milestones: Baby is starting to hear. I thought that they could by their reactions when some noises are made but I actually read that somewhere this week.

Here are some pictures from our latest ultrasound. 

Miller ran over to my side, pointed to my belly while he watched the screen and said, "Baby!!" He might actually understand this whole  thing. 

We have been in Knoxville for our whole 18th week.  

How far along: 18 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Still down 3lbs which is funny because one book said I should have gained 10- 13 lbs by now and with Miller I had gained 7.5 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Definitely in maternity clothes. There are certain things that I prefer since they make me look pregnant and not awkwardly fat.
Stretch marks: Nothing new here.
Sleep: I have slept pretty good, despite two horrible nights of Miller getting in bed with me. I am trying to not sleep on my back since I know my doctor will tell me at my next visit that I am not supposed to but I keep waking up that way.
Best moment this week: It has been so fun to be able to make plans and do some shopping while we have been in town. 
Movement: A few times this week, it is like the baby is putting on a show. Once it was when Grandma asked if I had started feeling movement and they wanted their presence known. They seem to be a little slow in the beginning of the day, just like mommy.
Food cravings: Nope, nothing specific.
Food aversions:  We had burgers for the 4th of July and I only got a half of one. I am glad that I did because after a few bites, it had a weird taste to me. Not sure what is going on with me and meat this pregnancy.
Gender: It will be official next week. Our anatomy scan is bright and early on Tuesday morning. I am so excited but nervous. I am just hoping everything comes our clear and we do not have any false anomalies like we did with Miller.
Labor Signs: Nope!!!!!
Belly Button in or out? Still super far back there.
What I miss: I miss not worrying about every little thing. Part of me wants to rush through the pregnancy so that I know I come out of this fine with a perfectly healthy little baby, but then I know once the baby is here, I will miss being pregnant. I felt this same way when I was pregnant with Miller.
What I am looking forward to: Our official anatomy scan next Tuesday. Then we can tell the world what our little bug is.
Weekly Wisdom: I am so nervous about our anatomy scan next week but Mom keeps telling me that I am being silly, which I know I am. I just cannot wait to hear that everything is fine come out of the ultrasound tech’s mouth next week.
Milestones: Baby can hear now. I am pretty sure that theory has been tested a few times already. The baby jumps at certain noises which I find funny because they are the same ones that Miller did. It is probably more that they can hear the same things from in there but I like to think that it is similarities between my babies.

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