Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Update: 19 weeks.

How far along: 19 weeks (these teen weeks are dragging)
Total weight gain/loss: -3lbs still
Maternity clothes: Before getting pregnant, I was so excited to be able to wear my maternity clothes again. Now, I am already tired of them. I have two pairs of shorts and a dozen of the same tank top in different colors that I rotate in between a couple of dresses.
Stretch marks: No news is good news here.  
Sleep: We have been SOOOO busy this week that I pass out and do not wake up until I hear Miller.  
Best moment this week: Officially finding out the gender this week was awesome. Even though we already knew, it was great to get confirmation and share it with everyone.
Movement: She has some days where she barely moves and then others where I feel her all day. I do think I am feeling her more though. She definitely responds to certain noises, such as her brother screaming and making noises. This bodes well for the future.
Food cravings: I am constantly forgetting to eat so no real cravings. Eating is such a chore that most days I have to remind myself that I HAVE to eat and it is not just for me. Meal planning for our family is about absolute torture!
Food aversions:  I am still staying away from same old foods but nothing specific here.
Gender: Baby GIRL!!!!! We are so excited. We were right all along in our guess which makes us 2 for 2.
Labor Signs: Heck no!
Belly Button in or out? Not going to budge
What I miss: It has been sooooo hot outside and I have been overwhelmed with lots of stuff that I need to start doing now that we know what the baby is, I could really use a nice, cool glass of white wine to take the edge off. Basically I miss being able to relax and not be so worried.
What I am looking forward to: At this point, I feel like the only thing I am looking forward to is holding our baby girl. In reality, I have lots of projects to do before she arrives and I look forward to all that nesting.
Weekly Wisdom: I have heard lots of people say things about little girls but none are anything surprising. “Have fun shopping”. “Ben is in trouble”. “Get ready for the drama”. We will see what our little girl is like. I am hoping she is at least more easygoing than her brother.
Milestones: Being able to find out the gender and have the rest of our anatomy scan is a pretty good milestone.

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