Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Update- 20 Weeks

How far along: 20 weeks- Half baked!!!
Total weight gain/loss: -3lbs still. I am down 14lbs where I was with Miller at this point. I am kind of scared that I am going to start gaining 5 lbs a week to make up for my lack of progress so far.
Maternity clothes: I think that I look pregnant especially in my maternity clothes but I actually have to tell people that I am pregnant. Apparently it is not as obvious as I feel it is.
Stretch marks: Nothing new.   
Sleep: I have been sleeping fine even though I keep waking up on my back. I think I have been doing a little too much lately and I am so worn out. Just overall exhausted and achy.
Best moment this week: We started working on the nursery this week. I love nesting and making a space for our baby girl in our home. We are pretty far along already and I am hoping to get it done soon. The Fall is going to be hectic and I am already pretty sore trying to do everything at this point, so it will be good to be done soon.
Movement: I swear that Miller was more consistent by this point. I feel her move everyday but there are some days where it is a while before kicks and it makes me nervous.  
Food cravings: I really only ever want sweets. All other foods I only eat because I have to.
Food aversions:  Apparently, I am not a fan of meat. We made sloppy joes one night and while Ben was browning the meat, it started smelling funky to me. Ben and Miller are fine with it but the smell makes me sick and we all know that smell and taste are connected. So I have been having to find something else to eat every night while Ben finishes them off. It makes meal planning super hard when half of our normal foods are off limits.  
Gender: Little lady
Labor Signs: So far away from that
Belly Button in or out? When Miller gives the baby a kiss he checks my belly button too. I assure you that it is still far back there.  
What I miss: I miss feeling like I can relax. I have a stern deadline to get a lot done before December. Plus, I like to keep busy but I know that I am pushing myself too much now. At least I am at the point where most things I can sit and do.
What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to doing more of this nesting.  
Weekly Wisdom: I thought I was crazy for being so gung-ho on getting the nursery done soon but the other girls at playgroup agreed that it was smart.
Milestones: I am so happy to be in the 20’s. I remember the 20 weeks were nice because you are far enough along that people know you are pregnant, but you are feeling all right and not uncomfortable yet

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