Monday, July 1, 2013

Beach Trip '13- Days 4, 5 and 6

Miller playing with Daddy's hair. 

This is an outtake from the pregnancy announcement pictures. I am only sharing it because I love that he is pointing to the board and saying, "TWO!!" He has been learning his numbers lately and I love that he recognized it. 


When Ben and I were planning our honeymoon, while everyone was going somewhere with a beach, I said that my pale, red headed husband was not made for the beach. I did not realize then that this was the perfect plan.

We would get up in the morning, eat breakfast, apply sunscreen and then head down to the pool and beach. We would spend a few hours down there and then all go upstairs for lunch. Miller would run around and play while we ate and then I would put him down for a nap. After that, I would head back down to the beach where I would read while my pale husband hid from the sun and supervised naptime. See how that worked? I get to go relax at the beach, while Ben got to play on his computer, all while the baby sleeps. Win, win!!

The last few days, Miller started to wake up early so he was exhausted by naptime. On this day, he asked to sit in bed and watch a movie. Then he asked to be covered up and then his pacis. We came back a few minutes later to this. I love this kid but he is never cuter than when he is sleeping!

We finally had to make him wear his puddle jumper because he got a little to brave and wanted to be in the pool by himself. 

Look at that, walking on the sand, willingly. He finally got used to it.

Yes there was a pirate ship that passed by our spot in the beach a few times. 

The best picture we could get of me and my Miller where my pregnancy bump does not look  awkward.

One bump picture from the beach. (I normally am against posting shameless bikini pictures of oneself but I am sharing for any family that might be curious how the baby baking is coming along).

That little boy and his brother brought down that big truck. Miller stalked it for about 20 minutes. He would walk by it slowly while looking out of the corner of his eye. He would just happen to drop a toy near it. Here he is hiding behind his toys while he would peak over and watch it. 

I have one more update that I will post later this week.

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