Monday, August 5, 2013

Miller Happenings

This blog seems to be overrun with new baby stuff but Miller is definitely our main focus. He keeps us quite busy most of the time and constantly laughing. Admittedly, I have not taken many pictures lately because we have not done much but here are a few recent pictures of him.

This past weekend we had a 1st birthday party to go to for our good friends, Ruby and Luke. Miller was great for the first hour we were there but there was nowhere for him to be wrangled. He kept running for the street and I think he got tired of mommy and daddy hovering over him and constantly telling him no. He finally started having tantrums (after tantrum, after tantrum). He started getting mischievous. He is normally a very good, just active child, but this was just a rare instance of him acting up.

Miller, Isla and Caleb had a nice ride in the wagon.That kid is so darn handsome!

The poor boy watched me work on cupcakes for two days, so it was finally his turn to have one.

He was watching TV while playing on my phone (yes, mother of the year here). I just love the way he is standing.

This kid thinks he is hilarious when he puts things on his head. Okay, I do find it hilarious.

He has been pretty good lately. Of course we have many moments everyday where he drives me crazy but all in all, he is a good kid. Here are some other notable happenings for Miller.

-I have been on a push lately to make sure Ben and Miller spend time together and they finally found a fun daddy/son activity the other night- playing with Ben's old RC car from college. They took it outside and Miller was in love. I went out to run an errand that night and Ben did bedtime. He sent me a text saying Miller had to take the car to bed. He dragged it up the stairs with one hand as he held on to Ben with his other.  He laid it on the ottoman in his room but I took it out once I got home.He asked for it the next morning but we said it was napping.
- He knows all his letters. Sometimes he mistakes one for another if he is not paying attention but he definitely knows them all.
- He can count to 11 all by himself. We have been working to recognize the numbers now and he is doing pretty well.
- He knows sooooo many animal sounds. My favorites are goose ("hon honk"), penguin ("waddle waddle waddle") and crab ("pinch pinch pinch" with coordinating hand motions).
- He is pretty good with shapes. He knows circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle and star.
- His favorite movie is "Toy Story". He even knows the difference between the 3 of them. Besides, Baby Eisensteins, he will not watch anything else but that movie.
- We are working on colors. He his starting to be much more consistent. When you ask him what color something is, he immediately responds with red, then blue. Then he looks at it and is right about 65% of the time. He is good with pink, purple, green and red.
- It may seem weird to some folks out there but Miller seems to officially stopped nursing this week. He has been losing interest for months and I know being pregnant can change the milk but it makes me sad. It was the last thing that only I could do for him. I have definitely had a few good cries over it. My baby is growing up and doesn't need me anymore. At least he chooses to cuddle with me over anyone else most times. 

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  1. omgosh! Can you email me some of the wagon pics!? So cute! The party was so fun! :)