Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Project: Pacifier Clips

With Miller, we definitely valued his pacifier clips. I am not germophobic by any means. In fact I am the mom who, when the paci drops on the ground, as long as it was not in dirt, I would wipe it off and give it back to him. I really hated getting looks from people who thought that was disgusting. Well a paci clip pretty much eliminated the problem. Plus, it stopped the pacifiers from getting lost.

For the past year, we have weaned Miller to only have the paci at naptimes and in the car. I had a trusty paci clip for the one on the car so when he would get mad and throw it, he could find it again when he realized he wanted it back. A few months ago, the velcro gave out on us and he could pull it off. I knew I could just change the velcro to snaps or make a new one but I kept getting sidetracked.

I finally tackled them and ended up making 6. I was only going to make one or two but once I started going through my fabric remnants, I wanted to make some to go with other outfits that Baby Bug might have. Once I got the hang of it, these things only took a couple of hours to make.

I cut a remnant that ended up being 2.5" by 8". I ended up varying the lengths by an inch or two just to try them out. One trick I have learned in sewing lately, iron everything!

Fold the fabric over so you are seeing the backside and sew a small seam.

Turn it inside out, which is a pain because it is so narrow. I used a clean chopstick to help me out.  Iron again and then sew a small seam on both sides so that it will lay flat.

Double fold it over and sew up the end. 

On the other end, pull the strip through the clip and do another double fold over (I have no idea what  the correct term is but this seems appropriate) and sew it down.

I have tons of snaps leftover from converting our cloth diapers so I installed those where they need to go. You could sew on velcro but it eventually wears out and I think the snaps are more child proof.

Aren't they cute? I like that I have options this time around with the baby.

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