Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Update: Week 22 and 23

I was in Knoxville for a week and did not take my picture until it was a couple of days late so Week 22 is late. I just figure that I would combine it with Week 23 since we were so close.

In other baby news, we had the rescan from our anatomy scan last Tuesday. I wish I had a cute little picture of the baby to show you but she had decided to be shy. She had her back turned toward us so they were not able to get any good pictures but her foot. The good news (and what really matters) is that they were able to get all the measurements that they could not before and she looks perfect. One measurement they needed was her right hand because she had it curled up last time. This time, she had it like a paw and then she finally opened her hand and pointed her finger. I am pretty sure she was pointing to the tech telling her to stop bothering her. I wish we could have seen her little face but I know from previous ultrasounds that she looks perfectly fine and is as cute as can be.

One interesting tidbit, they measured her head and it is is the 45th percentile. At this point, Miller was 80th and we all know that it only got bigger and stayed that way. I am okay with another big headed baby as long as she is smaller than her brother. She might actually have a normal size head. They also said that she is 45th percentile in general and weighs approximately 1lbs 3oz now. I like knowing that!

Week 22

How far along: 22 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I think I finally gained weight this week but since I am at my moms house, I did not want to weigh on a different scale. 
Maternity clothes: This is obvious by this point.  
Stretch marks: Nothing new thank goodness.
Sleep: Since being in Knoxville, Miller started waking up at 8, which is not early but he got me comfortable with waking at 9:30 and 10 for the last few months. Thankfully, mom would take over for a little while so I got an extra hour or so of sleep. 
Best moment this week: Mom and I got a ton of stuff done for the nursery this week. There is not much left to do now. I am waiting to hang anything until we buy the rest of the furniture, which will probably not be for another month. I really want to just be done and see if all come together but I know that there is still plenty of time.
Movement: She has had a few lulls but most days she is pretty active. It just feels so darn different than it did with Miller. I did start to feel her at the top of my belly and I had no idea that she was that high yet.
Food cravings: No major cravings but I seem to have my appetite back this week. Thank goodness!
Food aversions:  I was able to eat chicken twice this week. Yay!
Gender: Sweet baby girl.
Labor Signs: No but I had a dream that I was having contractions and did not even know it. That freaked me out a bit. I do not want to have any of that stuff for at least 15 more weeks.
Belly Button in or out? No change this week.
What I miss: I miss being able to walk normally! I recently taught Miller that penguins “waddle, waddle, waddle” and every time I ask him and he responds, I think it would be more appropriate to say that about mommy since he sees me demonstrate it every day.
What I am looking forward to: My ultrasound rescan from my anatomy scan is Tuesday and I am so ready to have it over with. I am excited to see baby girl and watch her move around (although occasionally I can see it from the outside), but I just want their “study” to be complete and they tell me that my baby is fine.
Weekly Wisdom: I really have nothing this week.
Milestones: Nothing major. One of my baby websites said that the baby might have hair, it just doesn’t have any pigment yet. Please, be red hair!!!

Week 23

How far along: 23 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I am officially +4lbs. This is silly but I feel guilty for this until I remind myself that gaining 4lbs at 23 weeks is not a lot and at this point with Miller I had gained 20lbs. I am just hoping that I only gain another 16lbs and keep my total gain at 20lbs or less. 

Maternity clothes: Nothing new here. Although, I am debating about buying a special shirt to wear on our upcoming shirt to Disney World. I hesitate to spend money on something that I will only be able to wear once.
Stretch marks: I am happy to report that I still have no new ones.
Sleep: I keep getting flack from Ben and mom about doing too much, but I realized why I do that. If I don’t keep myself busy during the day, then I would fall asleep while Miller played. No amount of night time sleep seems to be enough for me. Thankfully, Miller has let me take a few naps. I woke up from one and he had covered me up and laid all of his friends (stuffed animals) on me. I love that kid!
Best moment this week: I had the rescan from my anatomy scan. They were able to get all the measurements that they needed and said that our little girl looks perfect. She would not turn so we could see her little face but I loved being able to watch her move around while I felt her.
Movement: I swear a few times this week, she was trying to break out through my belly button. She has started to be so much more consistent and I tend to feel her all through the day in different spurts.
Food cravings: I always crave sweets (pregnant or not) and this week I wanted plain old chocolate chip cookies.
Food aversions:  My appetite is not as good as last week but no real aversions.
Gender: A little lady. I made the ultrasound tech check this week again to make sure.
Labor Signs: I do not even want to think about this for a few more months.
Belly Button in or out? Still in, unless the baby is trying to manually push it out.  
What I miss: I really miss not worrying about every ache and pain.
What I am looking forward to: I am starting to really get excited about our Disney World trip.
Weekly Wisdom: No real wisdom except the info from the ultrasound. Baby girl is measuring in the 45 percentile (including head). She may be smaller than her brother after all. That bodes well for delivery for me. 
Milestones: At our ultrasound, they estimated  that the baby weighs just over  a pound now (1lb 3oz to be exact). That does not seem like much but considering that for 19 weeks she has been gaining fractions of ounces some weeks, getting to one whole pound is huge. Now she just needs to gain 7 times that.

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