Monday, February 3, 2014

Leftover TN Happenings

On the one hand, I am so behind on blogging because I still have pictures from back in TN for Christmas. On the other hand, I have not taken many pictures and we have not done much since we got back so there isn't much to update other than just share pictures.

I still can not get over seeing the two of them together. 

We all snuggled up on the couch together and I was in heaven. 

Scarlett getting her first sink bath at Ninny's. I would have taken pictures of the actual bath but Ben and I were running out the door to go to a movie. 

Bobbie's birthday was two weeks later and we were not going to be there for it. We threw together a small party the night before we left. Miller was excited to help Bebe blow out the candles.

We got to see Silas, Joe and Leslie for one night. It was not enough time but  the boys got to play together and Scarlett got to meet her aunt, uncle and cousin.

Poor Jakey! We tortured him but he was a good sport.

It was really hard leaving Knoxville this  time. After the holidays is always a crummy time of year coming off of the high of Christmas but this one was triple awful. It was a post holiday slump/ post baby slump/ post family slump. I was majorly depressed for a few days but I eventually started feeling better once we got home and in a routine.

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