Saturday, March 15, 2014

Winter Trip to the Zoo

Every weekend I think, we need to go to the zoo since we have a membership. This weekend in late February, we had a warm day in the 60s so we took advantage.

They had an area where these little birds (finches??) flew around. I thought Miller would not be interested in it but he loved it. He was so fascinated in watching them fly around. 

When we said that we were going to the zoo, the first thing Miller said was, "a zebwas". I have no idea how he connected the zoo to zebras (because he has not paid any attention to them on our past zoo visits), but he knew that is what he was going to see this time. He even saw a Bongo that has stripes like a zebra so he called it  the "red zebwa".

They have a playground near the reptile house (which I am not a fan of) so of course we let Miller play.

My two monkey's watching the other monkeys.

I wore Scarlett in the Moby most of the time but once we stopped for lunch, I switched her over to the stroller since Miller wasn't using it.

Last time we came, we all rode the train but Miller was not a fan of the tunnels it travels through so we did not think he would want to go again. Apparently he forgot and asked to go again. I took him while Ben stayed with Scarlett. He was fine until we got to the tunnels and then he asked to get "out out". We survived and I am sure he will ask to go again. 

I love the flamingos that are by the entrance and so does Miller.

Miller had so much more fun this time than last. We are planning to head back next week and I am so excited.

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