Friday, March 21, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Three

Weight: 13lbs 13oz (+5lbs 2oz) (Miller was 14lbs 13oz)

Height: 24in (+3.5in) (Miller was the exact same)

Head: 16.5in (+2.75in) (Miller was 17in)

Sleep: We are not where we wanted to be but nothing is bad. She goes to sleep a little bit after Miller, and sleeps a 5-7 hour stretch. Then she gets in bed with me while I feed her and stays there all night. She might wake up another time or two to eat. I really wanted her sleeping in her own bed by now but we have a few things going on that made that difficult. I am hoping within the next month or two, we can transition her to at least starting in her bed. She is still taking 2-3 cat naps a day and one good long nap. 

Eating: She still eats every 2-3 hours. We were in Knoxville last week and her whole routine was off. Her normal cycle (sleep, eat, happy, grumpy, repeat) is 3-4 hours at home but there it was down to 1.5-2 hours which was super stressful for me. Hopefully she will ease back into her normal routine again.

Best Moment: She is apparently quite the mommy's girl. While in Knoxville she cried when anyone but me held her. Within a few days she eased out of that but still had some moments of stranger danger. While I really do not care for a clingy baby, it is sweet that she loves me that much because I sure as heck love her that much.

Milestones: No real milestones really, unless getting cuter by the day counts.

Monthly Wisdom: I honestly have nothing this month. I am just trying to survive day to day so I can not even have any wise thoughts. 

Goals for the Upcoming Month: I still really want to try her in her own bed soon. It might not necessarily be this month but it will be soon.

 Here are my two babies at 3 months old. They really look similar but I do not think these pictures show it.

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