Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monthly Randomness- February

Sometimes I just have a bunch of random pictures that have no connecting theme. Here are just a couple from February (although one might be very early March).

When Miller was a baby, Ben would wear him in the Bjorn and vacuum. She is normally carried in a different carrier (Moby and Ergo) but Ben likes this one for just quick things around the house and we thoughts she would like to look around. She ended up liking it a bit too much and fell asleep. It was so pitiful to watch her nod off but so cute!

Okay so I mostly have pictures of Scarlett sleeping. I feel bad that she does not have as many pictures as Miller but I barely have any hands free between the two of them. If my hands are free, one or both of them is asleep.

It was bathtime and we were in the bathroom dealing with Miller. I came back a minute later to get her and she had fallen over and asleep.

Ben was cutting Miller an apple but Miller wanted it whole. He ran over to snatch it as Ben was cutting. He came back a minute later and said, "a mess". Yeah he had blood in his apple because apparently Ben had nicked him when Miller took the apple. He was not at all concerned about the cut but he did not like the mess on his apple. We went to put a bandaid on him and that was more traumatizing than anything. We finally convinced him to put on a Pooh bandaid as long as Pooh had one too.

I am an Oscar Fanatic. Oscar day is one of my favorite holidays and I made sure to make  the kids watch some this year. I decided to get Scarlett dressed up in honor of the day (while I stayed comfortably in my sweats).

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