Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break in Knoxville

A few weeks ago we went back to Tennessee to visit to with our family from Texas and North Dakota who was in town. We had not been back since Christmas and everyone got to see Scarlett as a baby and not a newborn anymore.

Mom always bathes the babies in the sink. Scarlett was quite content.

Miller saw Scarlett in the sink and decided that he wanted to have a bath in the sink as well.

Ann was holding her but I cropped her out because she was blinking anyways. I figured she would prefer it that way.

One of Miller's dance moves is "pose". It has had a few different versions over the years and this is the latest one.

The brought their dog from Texas. Kirby is so sweet and let Miller play with her, in exchange for stealing Miller's food. Miller had so much fun playing with Kirby that week.

During the week Scarlett and I went with Nolan to pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend (now fiancee) Emily. It was so great to meet her and be there in town to celebrate their engagement.

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