Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Zoo Trip

After we went to Tennessee, Ally and mom came back with us for Ally's springbreak. We picked a nice day and went to the zoo. I am amazed at what Miller remembered from the zoo. He would tell me what exhibit was next, and of course what all the animals do.

He loved getting to feed the goat some hay.

To get him away from the goats, we told him we were going to go to the elephants. He wanted to feed them so he took these two tiny pieces of hay for them.

He loves the parakeets. I love watching him so happy watching them.

All the lions were out. The daddy was taking a nap on the top of the rock, the babies were playing in the grass and the mommy was watching. So similar to my house.

Every time is more fun with him. We are planning to go to the zoo when we go to Memphis soon and the Knoxville zoo as well. I hope he gets excited to see different animals and different exhibits.

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