Monday, May 12, 2014

April Randomness

I am not even sure that April happened. It was so crazy and flew by in the blink of an eye.

This poor thing get so tired and just can not keep it together when she is playing.

 She is an undercover baby. 

While my mom was here after we moved, she insisted on taking Miller for a haircut. He definitely needed one but I just did not want to deal with the stress of the whole ordeal. There is a kids cutting place right down the road from us and they had an opening when we walked in the door. We tried to sit him in the car chair (not that pink one in the back ground, a dump truck) and he screamed. We tried a bunch of different things to calm him down but finally we had to settle with him sitting on my lap. Even then he cried the whole time but the hair dresser was awesome and quick. The second she was done, he stopped crying, wiped away the crocodile tears (that had hair stuck in them) and turned and said, "Thank you". Someone please tell me that this gets easier.

A few days after we moved in, we watched Isla and Ruby for 3 days while their school was on spring break. It was chaos but Miller loved having people to play with. Right before I took this picture, they were all cooing over her and she was smiling. I turned to get my camera and when I came back, she apparently was over it.

I was nursing Scarlett at one point and Isla came running in, "Auntie Whitney, Miller is climbing the stairs". There was a gate at the bottom to keep the kids contained downstairs but Miller did not let that stop him. I reprimanded him and he sat in time out but that did not do the trick. Later that afternoon he did it again and this time he was at the top of the stairs. It scared the crap out of me!

This hairstyle is courtesy of her brother licking her. I mean, her whole head was dripping wet. It was gross.

2 seconds before this picture, she was screaming her head off in her carseat.

I loved how her little hands are folded on her belly.

Her brother will not leave her alone.

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