Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Five

I remember Miller's 5 month being so emotional for me. It was one month before he was a half of a year old and I could not believe how fast time was going. Well I feel the same this time around but with less tears. I know there is so many more fun things coming up but how the heck did we already get to this point. I still feel like I am struggling to get into a routine like I have a newborn yet she has been here for all of this year. We all love her so much and can not imagine what our family was like without her.

Weight: 17lbs 5oz (+8lbs 10oz) (Miller was 17lbs 12oz)

Height: 26.5in (+6in) (Miller was 27in)

Head: 16.75in (+3in) (Miller was 18.5in)

Sleep: She was doing so good and then we went out of town. Even there she did alright. She would only take 4-5 catnaps a day because we would be out doing stuff but she kept her normal routine at night. We came home and the first night she slept 9 hours before she woke up for her first feeding. It was so weird to go get her when the sun was out. The next night it started. She would wake up within an hour of going down and cry inconsolably. It would normally be an hour or two ordeal and once we finally got her to sleep, it would not be long before she was up again. There were 4 possibly causes. 1) Our AC upstairs was messed up so it could have been from the heat and lack of swaddling because we figured she was too hot. 2) Adjusting from being back home. 3) I started eating a bit differently but I find it hard to believe that she would not show signs of discomfort during the day. 4) It was just a phase.

Eating:  She is so normal and predictable with this one. If she goes through growth spurts, she never shows it in nursing more frequently.

Best Moment: There have been some really sweet moments where Miller is talking to her and being sweet and she just smiles at him. I love to see them interact and hope they can grow up and be best friends.

Milestones: She can roll from her belly to back but she does not get enough floor time to practice. She can sit up pretty well except she keeps leaning forward and can not sit herself back up.

Monthly Wisdom: I am so overwhelmed with trying to unpack this house while dealing with day to day tasks with the kids, on top of seeing all the things around here that I know we want to do eventually. I feel like I should be able to do this and it is my responsibility to make this house a home so I need to step on it, but I am just struggling so much. I keep getting reminders that I need to just focus on my kids and work on the house when I have time. The babies come first and foremost. They will only get older and I do not want to miss this time with them.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: My mom is coming next week so I am going to try to get a few major unpacking tasks taken care of then so that I am not as stressed. I am also going to try her napping in her crib. If it does not work out, no biggie, but I am going to try.

Here is the baby comparison. Everyone says that she is so much chunkier than Miller but here they look pretty similar at least to me. Looking back at Miller's old monthly pictures and seeing Scarlett's make me want to have a hundred more of these cute faces.

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