Friday, May 16, 2014

Trip to Memphis: Part 1

We decided it was due time that we go to Memphis. We had not been in a year and a half and Ben had the vacation time this year. Of course the best time for us to go, was right after we moved. So we were home for a week and a half, drove to Knoxville for 2 days while Ben went on a work retreat in Chattanooga, and then drove to Memphis for a week.

(Before I start, I realize that I have no pictures of people besides my own kids and Ben. Whenever we were hanging out with people, I was too busy wrangling kids or getting ready, that I forgot to take pictures).

On Sunday it rained so we were stuck inside, after spending all day Saturday in the car. We ended up going to the mall with some friends to walk around and then over to Ben's sister Liz's house to visit and see their animals. They got a new  bunny recently and Miller loved it and actually, so did Scarlett. 

Miller was playing the piano at Ben's parents house with Sully.

Ah, one picture with someone else in it. Three generations of Trusty's watching TV. 

On Tuesday we took the kids out to Ben's brother-in-law's parent's farm to ride the horses. Miller was all excited until he saw how big they were and he would not ride it. The funny thing is that Dave's mom was just saying that most boys are not into horses but that girls are......

I know she has no idea what is going on but it was just funny after our conversation that she got so excited when she got up there.

Prepare yourself for more zoo pictures. I know we have a lot of those lately. We found out that we get a discount at other zoos with our membership here so we were taking advantage of it. Plus, he is majorly into animals and they have some in Memphis that we do not have in Atlanta.

Here he was watching the seals (maybe they were sea lions) swim around. This was exciting because he had just gotten a seal/sea lion toy the previous week.

The polar bear was quite exciting.

Of course we go on the day that it was 57 degrees. I did not bring a hat for the poor girl so this is how we kept her warm.

Miller wanted  to switch hats with daddy.

This carrier was a lifesaver.

To be continued.....

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