Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trip to Memphis: Part 2

We really had no idea what to do with the kids in Memphis. Normally we hang out with family and friends and go out to eat but that was not an option this time, so we visited a bunch of museums instead. The kids often fell asleep on our way to places so we took the opportunity to drive around and see things. On this day, we said screw it and decided we would head to the Pink Palace museum anyways but Miller transitioned to the stroller still asleep.

I did not know that this dinosaur moves until I was right in front of it. It scared the crap out of me! I was traumatized by "Jurassic Park" and this just preyed on my fears. We later took Miller back when he was awake and it scared him too. 

Still asleep for the polar bear. We took him back and he was not impressed since he saw a live one the day before.

Friday was a nice day so we planned to go downtown and explore (and maybe, stalk Prince William and Prince Harry). We actually had made these plans well before we knew they were in town because we wanted  to take Miller to the Peabody to see the ducks. It was the hotel that the Princes' were staying in so we were in the same building as their clothes.

We were trying to warm him up to the idea of riding the trolley.

We had to drag him on but he loved it so much we stayed on longer than we had planned.

She is quite the momma's girl. If she was with someone else and then would see me, she would get so excited. Ben's dad was in the other room with her and said when she heard my voice she got so excited and started looking for me. Ben was wearing her here and he turned to show Miller something. She finally saw that I was across the aisle.......

.....and she was so happy to see mommy. I hope she is always this excited to see me.

He is so handsome!

He is not sure he wants to get off.

It was such a good trip but went by way to quickly. I wish we could get back to Memphis more often.

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