Thursday, October 9, 2014

Disney '14: Part 1

Another year and another successful trip to Disney World. I was a little nervous about this years trip since we now have two kids to deal with but it was a major success.

Day 1: We left super early Sunday morning because we had dinner reservations at 5:10, yet we still cut it pretty close. We checked into our hotel and had about 10 minutes for diaper changes before we had to leave for dinner. We went to the Beaches and Cream Soda shop because I thought it would be fun. We were still a little on edge from a long day of traveling but dinner was good. Well lets be honest, dinner was okay but dessert was great. 

Day 2: Our first day at the Magic Kingdom. Heather and I had wracked our brains and came up with outfits that were inspired by characters without being costumes. Miller was the prince from Snow White. I made  the shirt a few months before and ever since then he was dying to wear it. He looked adorable!

I was Snow White, Ben was Peter Pan, Scarlett was Ariel, Mom was Pocahontas, Heather was Cinderella, Steve was Cinderella's Prince Charming, Isla was Elsa and Ruby was Anna. We got soooo many compliments on our outfits. We even had a bus driver stop her bus and yell out her door to us.

Our first ride was Dumbo. Scarlett started out asleep on daddy but woke up and tried to figure out what was going on

I went to Disney with my Mammaw and Pappaw when I was 3. I loved Cinderella and really wanted to see her. My pappaw always tells the story about how we could not find her but we saw Snow White one time. I cut the line of kids waiting to see her and asked her where Cinderella is. She told me she was in the castle but would come out soon. I did not see her on that trip, or any of the other 4 times I went but we were going to see her  this  time. I told her that story and how my Pappaw loved telling it. She was so sweet and kept telling me to tell him that she said hello. I know that she is just playing a part but it was sweet.

We also got to see Rapunzel which was great because "Tangled" is one of Miller's favorite movies right now.

Scarlett got a chance to get down for a minute while we rode the steamboat.

Ariel was such a sweetie and got so excited when she saw Scarlett's outfit.

Miller is in love with Belle so I was ecstatic that we got to see her at Enchanted Tales with Belle.

The kid passed out hard and missed  the parade. I was disappointed because he would have loved it, but we took pictures and videos and he has enjoyed looking at those at least.

We went back to hotel for a little rest and went back that evening when it was of course raining. Tinkerbell was so spunky and funny.

All of us decked out in our rain gear.

Day 3: We went to Downtown Disney to look around and have lunch at Rainforest Cafe. The thunder scared the kids a bit but they eventually got used to it and had a good time.

Mousekeeping arranged all of Miller's friends. We told him it was Mickey Mouse because he was good. Mickey Mouse is the Santa of Disney.

I hate to always do this but I had to divided this into three parts. I still need to edit the other posts.

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