Friday, October 17, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Ten

We hit double digit months. 

Weight: 21lbs 11oz (+13lbs) (Miller was 21 lbs 4oz)

Height: 27.5in (+6in) (Miller was 29in)

Head: 18.25in (+4.5in) (Miller was 19.5"in)

Sleep: Pretty much the same as the last month. She sleeps for 4-7 hours, wakes up to eat and then back to sleep. Sometimes she wakes up another time but most nights she does not. At Disney World she slept great in the pack n play and then in bed with us. The other night she actually slept a whole 10 hours, which was awesome, but the next night she would not lay down and go to sleep until almost midnight. I would like more of sleeping through the night. As for naps, she takes a 2-3 hour nap and maybe another cat nap depending on when we wake up. Miller keeps waking us up early since he is now in a toddler bed so her and I might have a catnap on the couch mid morning.

Eating:  I have been trying to get her more food and meals when we eat which she seems to enjoy. We have been giving her a sippy cup for months and she just chewed on it and did not understand that she needed to suck on it. Finally, in the last week or so, with one of Miller's cups she got the hang of it.

Best Moment: Her and Miller are finally at the point where they can play together some. I love watching them interact. Miller is constantly pulling out her paci and leaning in so she will give him a kiss, and she almost always obliges. 

Milestones: The girl is walking. She took her first steps when we were at Disney World. With Miller, as soon as he figured it out, he was running. She is a little slower but once we got home, she started getting braver and taking more steps. As my mom said, that is 3 generations of walkers at 9 months (her, me, Miller and Scarlett). It is adorable watching her wobbly steps.

Monthly Wisdom: I remember having so much fun with Miller at this point (and it still has not stop), but this time around it is a blast sharing Scarlett being so fun with Miller.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: I am trying to slowly transition her out of the swaddle so I am continuing with that. Once that happens, I hope to get her in her bed the whole night. We stopped with Miller when he was 9 months old but right now she is not bothering me. I just know that it is something on the horizon when her sleep regulates a bit more after the swaddle.

Things Scarlett is doing
- Climbing the stairs. Uh oh!
- Waving and clapping like a champ.
- The girl can dance. I was just singing a song the other day and I looked down and she was on the floor dancing.
- When I ask her if she wants milk, she pulls out her paci and throws it.
- She says "mama" and "ma", even in the proper context. If Miller annoys her, she shrieks, says,"ma", and looks at me to see what I do.  

Look at Miller's shaggy hair. I have no idea why we waited another two months to get his first haircut. Her hair is growing but not nearly as fast as Miller's was. It was actually laying down in this picture and not fuzzing up.

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