Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween from Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!!!

You know I love comparison pictures so I could not resist looking at our Halloweens of the past. I get a little sentimental with this holiday since it was the first one we had Miller for and he was only 3 weeks old.

We have been in full force Halloween mode this month. We have done lots of activities that are themed for Halloween and I think Miller has really enjoyed it. Here we made a spider web out of crepe paper for Miller to climb through. It lasted about a day until Scarlett destroyed it.

We also used crepe paper to make Miller a mummy. He loved this one but it fell apart with every step he took.

He said that this bat was a broom so he practiced flying around the room.

She was wearing one of the props from Miller's party.

The weekend before Halloween, we planned on going to Boo at the Zoo. We had to run to Knoxville last minute so we decided to go there. We had heard it was packed but we were shocked when we found that traffic was backed up on the shoulder a mile before the exit to the zoo. We decided to skip it and go find something else to go to since by the time we would get there, it would be over. We got off at the next exit and decided to just go by the main entrance to see how busy it was. We had to take some side roads because of construction and ended up just arriving in the parking lot and bypassing all the traffic. It was awesome!

Earlier this week we carved our pumpkins. I LOVE this part of the holiday but I can not wait until the kids are old enough to help. It was mostly me doing everything while the kids ran around the deck. This is the extent of Scarlett's participation.

Here is how our pumpkins turned out. Miller has a book that goes through the typical Halloween monsters (witches, vampires, frankenstein, etc.) in a cute way but his favorite has been the "musty dusty mummy" and the "boo boo boo oogity ghost". We decided to do our white pumpkin as a mummy and he insisted on doing a cat for the other one.

Happy Halloween!

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