Monday, October 27, 2014

Miller's 3rd Birthday Party -Decorations

We actually got to have Miller's birthday party on his birthday which I really liked. I picked Scarlett's party theme before she was born I think but with Miller, I had no idea for the longest time. I made him watch "Peter Pan" and he really liked it so I decided to go with that. I LOVED this theme and had so much fun planning it. There are more pictures of the people than I have in this post but I am going to include them in another post. I did not want to overload one post.

Thank goodness we moved into this house and we had a dead tree. It contributed to a lot of the decorations. 




Peter Pan went up a few weeks before his party and is still up. He has just become a part of the  family so I am not sure when it will come down. 


The playroom was Hangman's Tree.

This game moved outside once I was sure that it was going to stay sunny and not rain. 

The kitchen was Mermaid Lagoon.The decorations are also still up in there.


I tried to find an crocodile pinata but had the hardest time. This is a mini dinosaur one. Either way, the kids had a blast with this.

Like I said, I have more pictures of people from the party for another post.

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