Monday, October 13, 2014

Disney '14: Part 2

Day 4: We had an early morning start at a character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. You can tell in the pictures that we all look exhausted.

We had already seen Pooh last year so Miller was excited to see him again.

Okay so he looks slightly awkward here, let me explain. With pretty much every character he would get slightly nervous and he just started this new thing where he would put his fingers in his mouth. This is right after one of us reached up and pulled his hand out of his mouth.

 Same here. In his defense, Mary Poppins and Alice were sort of formal so he did not really know what to do with them.

Tigger came up and just grabbed him and he loved it. They are also old friends from last year.

I love how the Mad Hatter just went with it. He was hilarious!

We got to ride Buzz's Space Ranger Spin and Miller loved it. He went and checked out the captured Zurg and reprimanded him. He is telling him, "No no".

Another old friend but Miller was excited to see him. No fingers in his mouth here.

Last year we had to force him on rides and this year he started to get it and enjoy them. I can not wait to see what the next trip will be like.

She was asleep and woke up beaming on Aladdin s Magic Carpet. She loved the ride.

Peter Pan. You know I never realized how annoying a character he was until I watched the movie recently and this guy was perfect in that regard as well.

Ahhhh,  I love her! She was helping Ninny stake out a spot for the parade with the other 3 kids while the rest of us parents went on Space Mountain. Thanks mom! (Speaking of that ride, I remember loving it the last time I went on it. I liked it but it went so much faster than I remember and I found myself a little anxious about being in the dark).

He was doing such a good job sharing.

The parade got rained out so we went on the People Mover.

This kid and Isla loved how the camel and Stitch at Downtown Disney wold spit on them. We took a few videos of them running around getting wet and giggling.

We had pretty much gone on every ride so we decided to just deal with the wait time and go on Pirates of the Caribbean. We adults and Scarlett liked it but Miller had his eyes closed so hard the whole time that he ended up falling asleep.

We had an early start so I figured that we would take a mid day break but we stuck it out and stayed at the park until 8:30 after the parade.

Okay so there is one more part to share.

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