Monday, October 20, 2014

Miller Update: 3 Years

It is so weird to think that Miller has been around for 3 whole years. When I pictured becoming a mom, I pictured having babies. Now I have this little person running around who I have conversations with.

Look how he has grown. 

Weight: 32.5 lbs (+24 lbs 6oz)

Height: 37" (+ 15.5")

Sleep: We made the leap that I have feared for years, the big boy bed, well it is actually the toddler bed. My child is not the kind that will just eventually drop when they become exhausted. He is the type that would be up until ungodly hours. Once in TN, he stayed up until 1:30AM and then got up at 5:30AM, had no naps for those days and he was still running around like crazy. I was so scared of taking off that front rail to the crib. I saw the loss of naptimes (which mommy needs for her sanity) and that my freetime at night would be cut down because we would be dealing with him. Let me go back.

He climbed out of his bed a few times last year but each time he got in trouble and then did not do it again for a few months. For the past few months, he fought me so much at naptime by throwing things out of his crib, taking off his diaper, trying to grab at things he could reach (even though I had no idea he could reach them) and he never napped anymore. I was going crazy! Two months ago he started climbing out of his crib like there were no rails. We knew it was time so I readied myself with a sticker chart and bribes and prepared for the worst. The first couple of days we had to put him back in his bed a few times but he would sleep, even at naptime. He has eventually cut down his playtime before bed and he puts himself to sleep quicker than I ever thought he would.

I was so scared but this has been soooo much easier than I imagined and he is sleeping so much better. The only downside is that he is getting up much earlier and this is making mommy and Scarlett super tired. Sorry, I rambled but this is so exciting to me.

Eating: Still a snacker but we limit the amount of junk food. He has a good smoothie everyday so I know that he is eating some vegetables at least.

Best Moment: Getting through the transitions of toddler bed and potty training smoothly was awesome. I have dreaded them for years and as Miller approached 3, I knew they were impending and closing in on me. I am so happy that we just followed Miller's lead and it worked out.

Milestones: Big boy bed and potty trained. Here is another long story. We got a potty and started talking about it forever ago. Sometimes he would want to sit on it once or twice a day. Sometimes he peed, sometimes he just sat there. We got big boy underwear and tried to just put him in them for a few days and hope he got how it works. Yeah, in one incident he peed on my phone and Scarlett simultaneously and mommy gave up.  I decided that I would make a bigger push after we got back from Disney.

As soon as we got back from the beach back in early August, he asked for his underwear. We both told him some other time. He asked me the next day, so I said sure. He had two accidents that morning and then none for a few days. That was it! He has the occasional accident and we still put him in a diaper at naptime and bedtime but he has done amazing. I am still nervous when we go out but he tells when he has to go and we remind him every time we pass a potty. I never thought that I would be this proud to have a potty trained child.

Wisdom: While I know that this can be the terrible three's (my mom has been telling me about what a holy terror I was during that year), I really do enjoy Miller right now. Sure we have tantrums and do not even get me started on the mischief, but I also think he is so much fun. I want to try to enjoy him at every age and stage.

- We are changing up our preschool routine a little because we have both been getting bored.

Things Miller is doing:

- We have been doing a loose preschool curriculum for the past few months and this kids grabs on to so much  stuff. I am amazed at what he remembers and understands.
- Lately he has been into the Disney Princesses. I think it is adorable because I think he likes them because they are pretty. He tells me that I am Belle and he is the Beast. I will take that as a compliment.
- He can be the best big brother sometimes. The other week Scarlett was in her high chair whining and not eating her cheerios. Miller kept saying,"Skarkey, eat them. Cereal is good". He eventually climbed over  to her and put one in her mouth which she gladly ate. "See Skarkey. Cereal is good".
- We listen to music sometimes during the day and he knows the words to so many songs. It is adorable to listen to him sing "All About That Bass".
- He is getting into spelling certain words. The first word he spelled was "ikea" and I did not teach it to him, he was just studying the catalog. He is an expert at spelling his name.
- The sticker chart that I started for potty training has been great with teaching him numbers. We are up to 35. 

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