Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Years 2015/ My Birthday

Years ago, I set some high standards for my birthday and I drastically lowered them after having kids. It also really helped that we had taken my birthday trip a few days before.

New Years Eve, Ben and I went to see a movie then came home to spend it with mom, my cousin Ally and the kids.  Miller kept snuggling up to me and ended up passing out at 11:15. 

The next day we got bundled up and went to the reopened park downtown.

I love the views of my hometown from here.

Scarlett got her nap in while Miller played.

We took Miller to the Sunsphere (the big gold ball in the sky that was in the above pictures) so this view is of campus.

We grabbed pizza from Tomato Head and took it back to my grandparents house. The funny this is that it is my birthday and I do not like pizza but I like this pizza.

Since we have so many birthdays at the end of the year, Miller has become an expert at blowing out candles.

And she is an expert at being cute. 

Later we went to my dad and stepmoms house and did cake there as well. It was a low key birthday but a good one.

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