Friday, January 16, 2015

Scarlett's Monthly Update: Month Twelve

(This is really late. With all of the chaos in December, her appointment got pushed back a month so I was waiting for her accurate measurements)

It is so hard to believe how fast this year has gone by. I feel like she is still my baby but at this age with Miller, I felt like he was a little boy already. I miss my squishy newborn and all the newness that comes with that stage but I am not really sad. I feel like with Miller, I was always sad and sentimental but as the second child, I see where we are heading more clearly since I have Miller as an example. I am enjoying every stage but I look forward to her being more verbal and interacting with Miller. I look forward to seeing her little personality coming out. And this is silly, but I look forward to her growing more hair for me to play with.

Weight: 22lbs 12oz (+14lbs 1oz) (Miller was 21 lbs 5oz)
*(We weighed her a couple weeks ago at the hospital and she weighed 21lbs. I think something was off with the doctors measurement because I swear she said 21lbs 12oz but wrote down 22. Also, she was wearing a full cloth diaper which probably adds a few ounces. )

Height: 30in (+9.5in) (Miller was 30in)

Head: 19in (+6.25in) (Miller was 19.5"in)

Sleep: She is still sleeping through the night. Every other couple of nights she wakes up and fusses for a moment but she goes back to sleep. Everyday she naps for about two hours. As for going to sleep, that has been more complicated. She wiggles around and tries to play while I rock her so I eventually give up, just lay her down and walk away. She gets ticked off but eventually falls asleep within a minute or two. I like our rocking and snuggle time but it might be coming to an end.

Eating:  I have no idea what to feed her for breakfast or lunch but dinner she eats like a champ. She is nursing less, especially with the disrupted rocking time before sleeping  and sleeping through the night. At this age with Miller he was eating more frequently but spending less time actually nursing. Scarlett is eating less but spends more time actually nursing. She is at a good age too where if I am not around or we are busy, she skips a normal nursing session. 

Best Moment:  She is becoming more verbal. It is mostly silly babbling but it is adorable.

Milestones: She got a few more teeth but I think our biggest milestone is our girl turning one.

Monthly Wisdom: The fun has just begun.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: We are at the stage where I no longer have monthly goals since her phases are becoming less frequent and we are evening out. With that being said, I really do not have any goals. I just plan to keep going in the direction that we are.

Things Scarlett is doing
- She mimics lots of things but the funniest is that she chooses to mimic the most polite phrases. "Thank you". "Excuse me". "Bless you".
- She tries to sing all the time. She sings along to a few toys that play  the ABC song and my mom had her singing to Happy Birthday and another song she sings to the kids.
- I am not sure if I have mentioned how bow legged she walks. It is cute but part of me is getting a little nervous about it!
- She loves to dance whenever she hears music.
- She cheers when we say "Go Vols" or sing "Rocky Top".
- She shakes her head no when she gets caught doing something she knows she is not supposed to be doing.
- She loves to make us laugh. She does something and gives us this look (which looks just like Miller at that age) while she waits to see us crack up and of course the face is what makes us laugh more than anything. 

This is what Scarlett thinks about taking our last monthly picture. If you can not tell, I am a hyper-documentarian and I am so happy that I can capture these pictures with my kids but it is such a pain to keep up with. I am so glad to be done with them. And imagine that I took a weekly picture of Miller and a daily picture when I was pregnant with him.

Day to day, when I see my kids next to each other, they look so similar. People are all the time telling us that they look identical. Someone even asked us the other day if they are twins. The funny thing is that when we start comparing features, and they are so different but it makes me so happy that they look alike. I think they are both super duper cute!

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