Saturday, September 10, 2011

Knoxville Shower

Last weekend I had my shower back in Knoxville with my family and friends. I was so excited to see people that I rarely get to to see since I live down in Georgia. A couple of people I have not seen since my wedding 3 years ago. My aunt Tine hosted and she did a great job with the planning. As she said at the beginning of the festivities, normally I am the one to do the party planning in our family so it was a big deal for her to do so good.

Here is my aunt Tine and I.

My mom and I.

My sister in law Becky, niece Annemarie (also, the girl version of mini Ben), and me.

My friend Elizabeth and I. Look how huge I look next to tiny little her.

The super yummy cupcakes. There was a jungle theme which was super cute because my aunt knew I hated baby blue and wanted to avoid that.

I love the diaper cake! I still have not disassembled it.

The favors, colored M&Ms. Ally and Tine actually went through and separated out the colors.

Just a warning that you will see my child in lots of tie dye for a few years.

Katie, my awesome cousin and Pumpkins godmother, sat next to me and wrote down who the gifts were from. She also doubled as my comic relief from the awkwardness of everyone staring at me.

Mom also loves the diaper cake.

We had such a great time catching up with people. It makes me sad because who knows when we will get to see some of them again. It is good to know that everyone is super excited for Pumpkins arrival, just like we are.

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  1. So glad you got to post pictures! Those look like delicious cupcakes and I'm glad you had a great shower :)