Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Update: 38 weeks

Not much has changed again this week. We are definitely on baby watch but I am hoping he stays put until Saturday at least so I can officially have an October baby. Actually, our ideal date (not that we have a say in it) is either 10/01/11 (lots of ones and zeros), 10/08/11 (our anniversary with the date and year reversed), or 10/10/11 (our lucky numbers are 10 and 11).

This weekend we were able to finish buying everything we needed, get it washed, and put away. The house is somewhat straightened up and fall decor out. I finished two crafts and got started on our Christmas stockings. I feel like we are not only getting our house ready for the baby but for having people over to visit afterward.

How far along: 38 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 37 lbs

Maternity clothes: Even some of these are starting to get tight despite the fact that I have not grown

Stretch marks: Nothing new

Sleep: Waking up about 6 times to roll myself over, another 2 times to go to the bathroom but all in all, pretty good when I am asleep.

Best moment this week: I was pretty excited to find out that he had dropped because I had suspected that. I have felt like such a moron because I could never tell how he was positioned and for the first time, I was right.

Movement: He has been slowing down which is normal for this point in pregnancy, but sometimes he is back to his active self and now it hurts. On Saturday night, he was going crazy and it took my breath away.

Food cravings: I have been wanting lots of comfort food but I think that is more the season than pregnancy related. In college, I had a kick where I was getting hot chocolate all the time. The other night I had one and now I want one every day, but I am being good.

Food aversions: I have had a few bouts of nausea but not from anything specific

Gender: Still pretty sure he is a boy (sarcasm)

Labor Signs: I am now 1.5cm dilated and he has dropped but nothing exciting

Belly Button in or out? Still the same

What I miss: My normal body. I look at old pictures and never appreciated how cute I was. (BTW, in a week or two I will post a timeline that I made of some milestone belly pics). I have been uncomfortable lately since he dropped and is putting so much pressure on my pelvis. It will be nice to feel like myself again although I will really miss having him inside me and us having our little thing. I am not sure I am ready to share him sometimes.

What I am looking forward to: The suspense of how all this will turn out (or how he will come out) is killing me. I know I could have a baby any day but it is so weird to think that within the next 3 weeks we will have a birth story to tell.

Weekly Wisdom: I have been having some anxiety and my mom has been good at reassuring me that I will be a good mom and she will be here to help. Good thing I have such an awesome mom to look up to!

Milestones: Still excited about being full term for a whole week now. I just want to make it to Saturday so he can be an October baby.

Measurements: Chest- +.5”, Waist- +1”, Hips- +.5”, Circumference- -.5”

My last day of work before maternity leave is tomorrow so I am taking Miss Lily to Zaxby's for lunch. I remember when I started and she was a newborn. Now I will have my hands full with her and my own newborn. Maybe she will help (yeah right!).

I will finally be posting our bedroom rentervation reveal this week so stay tuned.

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  1. yay - only about 2 more weeks!! crazy how slow it goes, but then it starts to fly by! excited to see your updates as you get into October when he is allowed to come. ;)