Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rentervation Update: Nesting Mode- Kitchen

Not that this was a big project but it made a big impact for me. Back at the end of 2011 I found these images online of vintage juice labels. I automatically started thinking about how I could use these in my kitchen. I decided to enlarge them, and make them prints to hang on a very bare wall. It took a bit of tweaking and playing in photoshop but I finally got them ready right before Christmas.

Of course my plate was a bit full so we waited until January to go to Ikea and get the picture frames. This is when we went in for 9 $2 picture frames and came out with a while bedroom (which I will finally reveal next week). I got pregnant right after this and the project went on the back burner. A few months ago, I finally came back around to finishing it in order to get the house completely ready.

See my tiny kitchen!!! It is a wonder I manage to bake in there.

Another small project was another picture to frame. If you have not heard of pinterest, then you are not living. It is a website where people pin ideas they find on the internet. The awesome thing is that you can see all these pins and flip through them for projects. One I kept coming back to was this print with important dates. With all these changes with the baby coming up, I want to remember that we are still a couple so I made it for us, with our important dates- Ben's bday, my bday, the day we met, the day we got engaged, and our anniversary. I have seen some where they put the anniversary in the middle in the color but I always think that our life together started the day we met.

There have been so many other small projects and organizational things that have happened around this house while we have been getting ready for this little guy, but none that are super interesting to post about. I was finally able to get Ben to get rid of a lot of junk. We have a dining room that was cleared out (only to be filled with baby stuff but that is what I expected). All our closets have been gone through, stuff thrown out or taken to goodwill and reorganized. One of my proudest moments is that I went through the stockpile of magazines that I had collected over the years, probably about 100 or more. I ripped out all the articles, categorized them and put them in a folder.

Sorry this was not more interesting. Next week I will post our bedroom reveal (FINALLY!!).

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