Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rentervation Update: Nesting Mode- NURSERY REVEAL

After months of planning and hard work, the nursery is done! You will have to bear with me because there are like 30 pictures here but for an out of work interior designer, this is a big deal to me.

The wreath on his bedroom door.

This mirror is such a small part of the room but I think really brings it all together. It perfectly matches the main fabric we used for the curtains and crib skirt.

The wall over his changing pad/dresser.

Chalkboard hoops

His mobile and name over his bed. Mom made the birds, which turned out great. I made the letters over his bed and it was my first sewing project. I know it is small but I am still proud.

I obviously had a bird theme going on and wanted a bird cage, but they were all huge and expensive. I finally found this one at Joanns and watched it until I had a good coupon. It is the perfect size.

I made smaller embroidery hoops to hang on the wall but this one has padding behind it to use as a memory board.

This is Minnen Groda. Ben and I bought this guy on one of our first trips to Ikea 4 years ago because he was so cute and on clearance and we thought our future child might love it. His mouth unzips and he has a pouch in there, so we pictured our kids hiding things in there and carrying him around. He has lived on our couch this whole time so we were excited to finally be able to put him in our sons nursery.

His little library is started.

Of course he has to have something Tennessee related, because even though he will be born in Georgia, he is a Tennessee boy.

Another bird item I had to have.

The diaper cake that is no longer assembled but was so cute. You can also see one of the silhouette pictures that I made from our wedding pics.

The pottery that our friend Tracy made for Pumpkin. It is perfect!

Remember all that fabric I posted a picture of months ago? Well they were mainly used to make all these pillows.

Some friends that we babysit for have this vase in their bathroom and I loved it. I thought, no way could I find it but after a quick search on-line, voila!

Again, the wall over his changing table/dresser. You might notice there are some blank frames. I figured that once he arrives, I would want to put pictures of him up there so why waste the time in filling them in now with something that will get replaced soon.

His lamby and seahorse in his crib, just waiting on Pumpkin to come and keep them company.

The crib skirt that Heather made for us. It is gorgeous!

Here is a shot I took of the crib with the new bumper on. It was not in the original pictures taken because my mom had it so she could sew the border on it. It is just a basic breathable bumper but we wanted to add a little something to it.

The glider with two of the pillows we made. I love this chair, even though we paid way too much for it!

Another shot of the mobile and name banner but this time you can see the tree decal that I made. I kept looking online for one that would go with what I wanted but never found one I was happy with. I made this one out of contact paper. Let me tell you, being 6 months pregnant, on my hands and knees cutting out an 8' tree was no fun.

Now some more general shots. This is looking from the door towards the windows (obviously).

His changing table area.

Looking into the room from the doorway.

From the windows.

From the bathroom door

The bookshelf between the bathroom and closet doors.

Here is a picture of us back in late June when my parents came down to help us paint and we officially started putting the nursery together.

Here is us now. 4 weeks from our due date and all done with the nursery. I grew just a little (okay, a lot).

I will probably do more posts about each individual project either on here or over on my crafting and baking blog Trusty Gal in the near future.

I hope it was worth the wait. I just could not bear to post pictures of half completed projects so I am glad I waited until it was all done. I am a complete whore for comments so I would love to hear what you all think if you would care to share (as long as they are nice comments).

* You might also notice that I never refer to the babies name on here but if you did not already know, you do now.


  1. I already told you this, but it looks beautiful! :) Now relax...

  2. Absolutely adorable! The room and the mommy! Everything came out so perfectly. I hope you cam have a little time to rest now before he arrives.