Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rentervation Update: Nesting Mode- Bedroom

So I posted about re-doing our bedroom back in January and got a little too distracted to finally post the finished pictures. So here it goes.

If you go back and re-read the old post, we pretty much wanted to update our bedroom without spending a lot of money, and making commitments to large purchases that could not later be worked in to a bigger house.

Here is where we started. Just a bed frame. Hand me down side tables, bookshelf, bench and dresser.

The room cleared out. It was nice to have a chance to clean under the bed after 3 and a half years.

The furniture

We had to turn the bed on its side which was really weird looking.

Almost there!

This was the finished project back in January.

Since then, we made a few other changes. The first major one, was that we replaced the crummy bookshelf we had with a brand new one that matched the new bench at the end of the bed. It is nicer, and bigger which is great because we had to add Ben's books that were residing in what is now the nursery, onto this shelf. We also got rid if the standing lamp we had as our main light, with two leftover lanterns from the nursery. The light is a bit softer which is nice but also means it is dimmer. Oh well! You will notice that we did nothing with the hand me down furniture. I would have loved to have stained it, and paint the hardware but with being pregnant, I had a lot of other projects that took priority. Not to mention, we never figured out how we would do the large dresser since it is too big to take outside.

Here is the bookcase

Here are a few overall shots.

Okay, was that worth the 9 month wait? Probably not but thanks for reading anyways.

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  1. I definitely have the same bench (I'm using it as a TV stand) and bookshelf but in Espresso :)