Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Cookies

It wouldn't be Christmas without baking. That is my favorite part of the holiday season! This year Miller was a big help (Ha! Yeah right!). You know last year he just sat in his Bumbo and watched mom and I. This year he wanted to be in on the action which meant that everything got messy and took longer. It was still fun though. At least with this holiday activity, he actually showed interest in it.

Like I said, last year he sat in his Bumbo on the table and watched. This year he sat on the table and licked the bowl. 

Watching "Elf" with daddy as Ninny and Mommy finish things up. (Okay, really Faddy distracting Miller so Mommy and Ninny can get stuff done before he comes over and bugs us again).

After the baking, comes the decorating....

.....and taste testing.

When I was younger, we always did the decorating with my cousins. Megan, in her attempt to make the most spectacular cookie, always ended up making the ugliest. Miller is going to give her a run for her money for the ugliest cookie award now. 

We waited until daddy was home from work to decorate a few with him. My boys hard at work. 

Rough day decorating all of those cookies! Tough job kid.

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