Monday, December 17, 2012

Meeting a Best Friend

So I have a crazy confession. When I was getting married I joined a message board with other girls getting married in October '08. Even after our weddings, some of us continued to talk and got closer. I pretty much talk to these girls on a daily basis.

When we were trying to get pregnant, I started emailing back and forth with another girl, Tania, who was struggling as well. We exchanged phone numbers and then started texting with each other. Before Tania I sent maybe 100 texts a months, now I send a couple of thousand (thank God for unlimited texting plans). We talk almost everyday. I was texting with her while I was in labor and vice versa. We have skyped with our kids. We really became best friends..

Yes I met my best friend on-line.

Our husbands are very well acquainted with our relationship.  We joke that we are only staying with them until we are done having kids and then we are running away together (and no not in a romantic way).

Tania, spends most Thanksgivings in Georgia with her sister in laws family. Unfortunately, we are never home when she is there but they decided to take a detour through Knoxville on their way back home to see us. It was so good to finally meet. It seemed like we always hang out like that.

The best part was Miller and her little Annelise getting to play. They are 6 months apart but still had fun.

They kept doing this. It was so darn cute!

Love that smirk!

Miller and Drew playing. 

A group shot. Look how tiny Tania is! This was the only picture where Miller let me hold him.

Yep, she makes me feel ginormous (and no Tania, not as in tall)!

It was seriously the best thing to be able to finally meet. I know it is completely unconventional to meet a friend over the internet and through texting but after meeting in person, we know it is no fluke that we are friends.


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  2. Sooooo happy that we FINALLY met!!!!!! Can't wait to do it again!