Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Latest Activites

So you might have thought that I have been slacking on my activities with Miller but I promise you that I have not. In late November we got so overloaded with being out of town for Thanksgiving that I just recently emptied my camera from them and I had so many other posts anyways. Since it is no longer really fall, I won't bore you all with those activities.

December is really no different in terms of busyness. Our activity last week was the felt Christmas tree. This week we decorated cookies.

One simple Christmas thing we have done (I would not call it an activity) is that I bought some jingle bells from Dollartree to hang on the doors. I love that we get the sounds of the season when our doors open or close. Miller loved them too. So much he ripped them off the ribbon I had them hanging on. I decided to put them in some containers and he has had so much fun making music with them.He noticed that one sounded different than the other (one had 2 and the other 4). He was playing different rhythms to match what I was doing. It is simple but I still think important and fun.

I am trying to so hard to still do activities the next two weeks in between getting ready for Christmas so you might see a post about them, but I make no promises.

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