Friday, December 7, 2012

Second Thanksgiving

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving is reserved for celebrating with my moms family. We always have a different group of family come in but it is exciting to see everyone.

After a morning at the Fantasy of Trees, we were all famished. My aunt Jennifer made some appetizers and we attacked them. Those poor dips didn't see us coming.

Kelsey stole my camera and ran around taking pics. Here is sweet little Bridget playing in the Rec Room. 

Hanging out in the living room with the family. 

I was so busy with food and chasing Miller that I did not get very many good pics. In fact, Miller spilled my drink after I had chased him into the other room for the hundreth time so I went and ate all by myself in another room. It was lovely!

The next day we just hung out with everyone before they were leaving town. That night we went to my aunt's house where she was watching my cousins. Miller played with them a bit before they went home.

We miss everyone already!

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